Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

List of Approved Electives

B.A. Advertising Creative

Advertising Creative Electives
Public Speaking & Critical Thinking or
Business & Professional Speaking
COMM 101
COMM 103
Introduction to Video Production COMM 135
Reporting Basics I: Writing & Interviewing* COMM 205
International Advertising
(at the John Felice Rome Center)
COMM 212
Persusuasion COMM 268
International Public Relations (abroad) COMM 278
Media Law COMM 282
Health Communication COMM 311
Special Events Planning COMM 312
Corporate & Organizational Communication COMM 313
Public Relations Cases COMM 314
Media Planning COMM 317
Public Relations Writing* COMM 318
Public Service Communication COMM 320
Advertising Campaigns COMM 321
Search & Display Advertising COMM 336
AD/PR Multimedia Commercial Production COMM 337
Student Agency (Inigo) COMM 345
Media Relations COMM 375
Directed Study COMM 398
Interdisciplinary Electives
Visual Communication I FNAR 132
Digital Media I: Pixel FNAR 233
Digital Media IV: Interactive FNAR 383
Consumer Behavior MARK 310
Marketing Research MARK 311
International Marketing MARK 363
Digital Marketing MARK 380 

* Writing Intensive 
 Satisfies Engaged Learning requirement