Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

List of Approved Electives

B.A. Advertising Creative

Advertising and Public Relations Electives
Public Speaking & Critical Thinking or
Business & Professional Speaking
COMM 101
COMM 103
Reporting Basics I: Writing & Interviewing* COMM 205
International Advertising
(at the John Felice Rome Center)
COMM 212
Intro to Creative Concepts* COMM 214
Advertising Copywriting* COMM 266
International Public Relations (abroad) COMM 278
Media Law COMM 282
Branding & Positioning COMM 290
Health Communication COMM 311
Special Events Planning COMM 312
Corporate & Organizational Communication COMM 313
Public Relations Cases COMM 314
Media Planning COMM 317
Public Relations Writing* COMM 318
Public Service Communication COMM 320
Advertising Campaigns COMM 321
AD/PR Design COMM 329
Search & Display Advertising COMM 336
AD/PR Multimedia Commercial Production COMM 337
Student Agency (Inigo) COMM 345
Special Topics in AD/PR COMM 370
Media Relations COMM 375
Interdisciplinary Electives
Visual Communication FNAR 132
Digital Media I: Pixel FNAR 233
Digital Media IV: Interactive FNAR 383
Consumer Behavior MARK 310
Marketing Research MARK 311
International Marketing MARK 363
Digital Marketing MARK 380

* Writing Intensive 
 Satisfies Engaged Learning requirement