Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Digital Media

Curriculum requirements for the minor

The Digital Media Minor is designed for students with a broad interest in the study of digital culture. Courses within this minor provide students a flexible and rigorous program examining digital technology and everyday life, ethical concerns in digital practices, contemporary games and game culture, digital media production, the persuasive communicative power of global digital media industries, and emergent user practices. 

Total Credit Hours: 21

COMM = Communication SOCL = Sociology
COMP = Computer Science DIGH = Digital Humanities 

Required Courses (12 Credit hours)

  • COMM 175: Introduction to Communication or COMM 201: Media, Theory and Criticism

  • COMM 200: Digital Communication & Society
  • COMM 275: Web Design and Usability
  • COMM 360: Digital Media Ethics

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Choose two COMM courses and one non-COMM Course
  • COMM 227: Social Justice and Communication
  • COMM 258: Game Studies
  • COMM 280: Communication Technology Histories
  • COMM 283: Global Media
  • COMM 299: Themes in Film & Digital Media: Animation
  • COMM 322: Guerilla Media
  • COMM 323: Remixing Culture
  • COMM 327: New Media Campaigns
  • COMM 333: Virtual Reality: From Concepts to Practices
  • COMM 357: Curating Media: Festivals, Galleries, and Media Spaces
  • COMM 361: New Media Criticism
  • COMM 371: Virtual Worlds
  • COMM 371: Interactive Storytelling
  • COMM 371: Mobile Storytelling
  • COMP 104: Computer Animation
  • COMP 111: History of Computing (WI)
  • COMP 150: Introduction to Computing (core eligible)
  • COMP 170: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • COMP 125: Visual Information Processing (core eligible)
  • COMP 250: Introduction to Scientific/Technical Communication (WI)
  • COMP 317: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing
  • COMP 388: Client-Side Web Design
  • COMP 388: Human Computer Interaction
  • SOCL 126: Science, Technology & Society
  • DIGH 388: Introduction to Digital Humanities
A Note About Prerequisites

Most electives on this list have few prerequisites. Students choosing the minor would be able to take a number of electives by fulfilling one or two courses (e.g. COMM 175 or 200) which would count toward fulfilling the minor. Some advanced COMP courses require prerequisites that appear on this list as eligible electives.