Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Faculty & Staff Profiles


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Goutham M. Menon, PhD., MA., MBA. Professor Maguire Hall 416 312-915-6551
Michael P. Dentato, PhD Interim Associate Dean for Research; Associate Professor; Co-Director: Center for Field Innovation, Research, Strategy, and Training (C-FIRST) Maguire Hall 534 312.915.7030
Marquitta S. Dorsey, PhD, MSW, MBA. Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7005
Priscila R. Freire, PhD Interim Associate Dean for Academics; Clinical Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 512 312.915.7309
Susan Grossman, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 506 312.915.6456
Rana Hong, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S Research Assistant Professor Maguire Halls 402 A 312-915-7370
Michael Kelly, PhD, MSW Lucian and Carol Welch Matusak Endowed Professor
Brian L. Kelly, PhD Associate Professor Maguire Hall 520 312.915.7479
Terri Kilbane, PhD Associate Professor Maguire Hall 532 312.915.7026
Caleb Kim, Ph.D., MSW, MDiv. Associate Professor Maguire Hall 522 312.915.7554
Amy Krings, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor Maguire Hall 530 312.915.7015
Maribel Lopez Clinical Assistant Professor 312.915.7113
Francisco J. Lozornio, DSW, MSW, LCSW Director of Online MSW Programs, Clinical Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 412
Marta Lundy, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 560 312.915.7007
Malcome, Marion, Ph.D., LCSW Assistant Professor 538 312.915-7597
James Marley, PhD Interim Dean, School of Social Work
Associate Professor
Maguire Hall 506 312.915.7033
Christie Mason, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S, NMT Level II Clinical Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Dean for MSW Programs Maguire Hall 540 312.915.7094
Janice Matthews Rasheed, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 532 312.915.6680
Ivan Medina Clinical Instructor Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7013
Holly Nelson-Becker, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 524 312.915.7008
Terry B Northcut, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 536 312.915.7034
John Orwat, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 518 312.915.7494
Nathan H. Perkins, PhD Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 526 312-915-7035
Kate Phillippo, PhD, LCSW Professor, Schools of Social Work and Education (Joint Appointment) Maguire Hall, 430 312-915-6910
Julia Pryce, PhD Professor
Associate Director, Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy
Maguire Hall 544 312.915.7495
Abha Rai, Ph.D., MSW Associate Director, Center for Immigrant and Refugee Accompaniment 532 312-915-7289
Guillermo Sanhueza, PhD, MSW Assistant Professor
Shirley R. Simon Associate Professor; Director, Group Work Sub-specialization Maguire Hall 568 312.915.7310
Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW Professor
Founder & Host of The Social Work Podcast
Maguire Hall 503 312.915.7555
Shweta Singh, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Program Director of Certificate in Empowering Women Leaders and South Asia. Maguire Hall 562 312.915.7249
Jeanne Sokolec, Ed.D., LCSW BSW Director, Clinical Associate Professor Maguire Hall 510 312.915.7019
Marcia Spira, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 502 312.915.7580
Katherine Tyson McCrea, PhD Full Professor
PI, Empowering Counseling Program
Maguire Hall 566 312.915.7028
Maria Vidal de Haymes, PhD Professor Director, Center for Immigrant & Refugee Accompaniment (CIRA)
Director of the Practice in Social Work Migration Studies Sub-Specialization
Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7020
Maria V. Wathen, PhD Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 558 312.915.7122
Marcy Wilroy, DSW Clinical Assistant Professor CADC Specialization Director Maguire Hall 5436 312.915.7375


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Doris Allen Office Assistant Maguire Hall 500A 312.915.7005
Jennifer Bernecker, MEd Assistant Director for Academic Advising Maguire Hall 554 312.915.7038
Stephanie Chapman Assistant Dean for Administration Maguire Hall 504 312.915.7338
Mini Datta, MSW Assistant Director of Internships & Career Services 312-915-7713
Valerie Earl Academic Advising Coordinator Carthage College, Lentz Hall 328F 262.551.5840
Hilary Gilway, LCPC Assistant Director for Internships & Career Services Maguire Hall 550 312.915.7706
Jodi Goode JD, MEd. Academic Advisor Maguire Hall. Room 548 312-915-7092
Caroline Gosselin Manager, Extension Education Maguire Hall 434 312.915.6977
Dana K. Harmon, PhD, MSW, LICSW Clinical Associate Professor
Diana Franco, DSW, LCSW-R Clinical Assistant Professor
Laura Colón Baker Alumni Relations Alumni House - Lake Shore Campus 773.508.8624
Amy Greenberg, LCSW, MA.Ed Assistant Dean for Students Affairs
Adjunct Faculty
Maguire Hall 420 312-915-7039
Jerome Overbeck, S.J. Chaplain 26 E. Pearson, 301A 312.915.7186
Craig Perri Assistant Director of MSW at Carthage Program Carthage College, Lentz Hall #328H 262.597.8171
Sandy Peterson Internship Coordinator, Advanced Standing MSW Students
Field Program Outreach Coordinator
Jazmyn Porter Senior Coordinator for Admissions, Adjunct Faculty Maguire Hall 548 312.915.7011
Richard L. Renfro Director of Loyola Community and Family Services Granada Center #302, LSC 773.508.3361
Thomas Vloedman Business Manager Maguire Hall 508 312.915.7093
Maria S. Wolfe, MS, MOT Director of Online Learning, SSW Maguire Hall 418 312.915.7005