Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Hilary Gilway, LCPC

Title/s:  Assistant Director for Internships & Career Services

Office #:  Maguire Hall 550

Phone: 312.915.7706


Mission in Action

I believe field education should be a challenging, engaging and rewarding experience for all students. Learning about yourself and enhancing your skills in the field should be a transformational experience. Seeking an internship and investigating various internship options is just the start of the career development process for students. Visiting and interviewing with multiple internship options allows students to better evaluate their passions and interests in a variety of areas and prepares them to seek employment post-graduation. After completing one or two internships, you should leave your social work program with a different and more insightful perspective than when you arrived.  Internships enable to students gain invaluable real-life experience and skills that can only be gained in on-the job training post-graduation. Adapting to and learning in multiple settings allows students to become more well-rounded social work professionals who are competitive and are able to seek a wide variety of employment options post-graduation.