Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


The MSW Evening program is a three-year program offering advanced practice training in a clinical settings. The mental health curriculum focuses on persons of all ages who are coping with stressful situations related to a physical and/or mental illness or disability, as well as on the support systems that are significant for those persons (families, residential care staff, etc.). This advanced clinical practice content prepares social workers for multiple roles, including conducting and/or participating in the bio-psycho-social diagnostic process as well as planning, implementation, and evaluation of practice.


MSW Evening Course Requirements
Fall Year 1
SOWK 500: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SOWK 501: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SOWK 503: Social Work with Individuals and Families I
Spring Year 1
SOWK 502: Intersection of Oppression, Privilege, & Diversity in Social Work
SOWK 504: Social Work with Individuals and Families II
SOWK 507: Social Welfare and Social Work
Summer Year 1
SOWK 505: Social Work Practice with Groups
SOWK 506: Methods of Social Work Research
SOWK 509: Policies and Strategies of Community Intervention
Fall Year 2
SOWK 606: Practicum in Research in Social Work
SOWK 617: Interventions in Clinical Social Work
Spring Year 2
SOWK 604: Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups
SOWK 612: Family Assessment and Intervention
Summer Year 2
SOWK 603: Seminar in Brief Treatment
Fall Year 3
SOWK 616: Psychotherapy with Adults
SOWK 614: Clinical Social Work Practice in Health Care
Spring Year 3
SOWK 610H: Social Policy and Practice in Mental Health
SOWK 645: Crisis Intervention

Students will complete their field internships while enrolled in classes. Students will also be required to take:

SWFI 530: Field Instruction I
SWFI 530S: Integrative Field Seminar - Foundation Level
SWFI 531: Field Instruction II
SWFI 630: Field Instruction III
SWFI 630S: Integrative Field Seminar - Advanced Level
SWFI 631: Field Instruction IV