Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


Students are required to complete two academic internships during the Evening Cohort MSW Program. The School of Social Work’s Field Team will assist students in applying for and securing approved internships based on their availability and scheduling needs. First Level internships will begin in the first year and the first semester of the program. First Level internships can last up to three semesters including Fall, Spring and Summer. Students are required to complete a total of 480 hours and need to complete at least 10 hours/week at an internship. Second Level Internships will begin in the second year of the program in the Fall semester.  Second Level internships can last up to five semesters including Fall, Spring and Summer semester for the second year of the program and the Fall and Spring semesters of the third year of the program. Students are required to complete a total of 720 hours and need to complete at least 15 hours/week at an internship.

Internships hours for both first and second level internships can be during daytime, evening or weekend hours. Students will also be asked to explore what flexibility they have in their schedules to accommodates internship hours. If a student works full-time during regular business hours (9am-5pm), they will be expected to complete internship hours during one-two evenings/week and on the weekend days. The School will work with students individually to explore internship options and will do its best to meet each student’s scheduling needs.

If students currently work in a social service setting and have worked at their place of employment for at least one year, they may be eligible to complete an employment-based internship. Students who are interested in completing an employment-based internship will work directly with the appropriate Internship Coordinator to explore this opportunity. All employment-based internships approved must be approved by an Internship Coordinator. This approval process involves gathering more information from students and the prospective employment-based internship sites by asking students to submit a proposal. If students wish to pursue an employment-based internship, they should reach out to the Internship Coordinator for more information.

Students must evaluate their program coursework and identify when they will be applying for fieldwork during their graduate program. Internships are offered in three time frames: Fall to Spring (August to May); Spring to Summer (January to August); and Summer Block (May to August). Students must submit an application to the appropriate Internship Coordinator prior to the stated fieldwork deadlines depending on the timeframe selected to do their fieldwork. This decision should be made under the guidance of your Academic Advisor.


Each level field internship requires an application. Links to complete the application can be found here. In addition to the online application, each student should submit a current resume to the appropriate Internship Coordinator. Once a student's application is received by the appropriate Internship Coordinator, the placement process begins. The students' applications are reviewed by the Internship Coordinator and the student is given internship referrals to contact specific agencies. Students should send a resume and cover letter to the agencies in order to be considered for an internship opening. Agencies often screen students for interviews by reviewing application materials including a resume, cover letter, etc. Internships are highly competitive as students often compete with other Loyola students as well as students from other universities. Students are not guaranteed specific internships.


Similar to a job interview, all students must interview for their internships. Students should communicate with the Internship Coordinator regarding their available dates in the Chicago area. Students are also responsible for communicating with the Internship Coordinator regarding the status of the internship process. Communication will inform the Internship Coordinator if additional referrals are necessary.


All internships and sites must be approved by the Internship Coordinator. All potential agencies must be screened by the Internship Coordinator even if students initiate contact with a potential agency. If students are interested in specific agencies, they should communicate this to the Internship Coordinator and include this information in their fieldwork application.