Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

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SOWK 616: Psychotherapy with Adults

Credit Hours



This practice course focuses on the content and processes of psychotherapy and the strategic use of therapeutic communications with adults. The focus will include psychotherapy informed by psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral frameworks.  

The structure and process of the treatment relationship and ongoing communications is presented. The progressive phases of treatment and the related types of communication are emphasized.  Phases of the process include engagement, assessment of client problems and resources for change, and the development of goals and interventions. Therapeutic communications are explored, including issues of support, interpretation, role of empathic connection, disclosure and the importance of listening. Issues of race, culture and ethnicity are presented as central in the development of the treatment relationship and ongoing therapy.  The basis and importance of practice evaluation for ongoing psychotherapy are presented. A liberal arts perspective is achieved through the application of theory and practice of psychotherapy to current films and literature.