Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Graduate Courses

SOWK 650: Leadership & Supervision in Service Organizations

Credit Hours



This course is designed to prepare students for practice related to staff management and supervisory positions within social service organizations. The terms staff management, development, and supervision are used interchangeably. The content focuses on providing knowledge, values, ethics, and skills in guiding the work and development of others within social service organizations. Content areas include but are not limited to staff management, administrative supervision principles, models and styles, staff development, teamwork, staff selection, legal and ethical issues, evaluation and termination, mediation, and conflict resolution.

Students who successfully complete this course should possess a beginning level of effective staff leadership skills and competence. Such skills will be applicable to future work with diverse and multicultural administrators and staff members within organizations and among oppressed and disenfranchised populations. This course is one of the three LDSS courses. It focuses on the role of an effective supervisor, supervision and leadership models, styles, theories, etc. Together with SOWK 652, 653, and other required advanced level courses, it constitutes the LDSS concentration.