Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

SOWK 606

Practicum in Research in Social Work

The course builds on the foundation content offered in Methods of Social Work Research (SOWK 506) and in other areas of the curriculum, including field instruction courses. The course develops the students’ integration of research and practice, builds on students’ understanding of research paradigms, and adds to their skills in critically reviewing and analyzing research studies using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The basic thrust of the course is: (1) to view evaluation research as a continuum of methods that aim to provide purposeful feedback to a variety of audiences at micro, mezzo, or macro levels in order to inform decision-making; (2) to provide students with an initial or continuing experience of designing social work evaluation research; and (3) to involve students in proposing their research studies related to their chosen focus and interests in their advanced year internships (as available). The latter of these two aims to help students make their research proposals relevant to the practice world; in the best case scenario, student proposals developed in this course can provide community agencies with a significant step forward in obtaining their own funding.