Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

SOWK 617

Interventions in Clinical Social Work

This course is an advanced concentration year practice elective. It is specifically designed to assist students to apply theoretical concepts to practice experience. Focus will be on using evidence informed practice as tailored to meet individual client needs. A range of interventions with specific populations will be explored, relying on biopsychosocial principles of social work intervention.

The content of the course is presented both didactically and through case discussions, in which students are expected to be active participants. In keeping with the social work value of competence in practice and using research-informed practice, this course will emphasize the use of evidence-based practice and the critically evaluated application of research-informed interventions with diverse client systems. Because research on mental health problems is typically conducted using diagnostic criteria found in the DSM, the course topics will follow the organization of the DSM-V, though as social workers we recognize that the DSM relies heavily on a pathology-based medical model that rarely takes into account the environmental context of clients’ presenting concerns. Course content will focus on social work intervention to improve client well-being.