Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


MSW Advanced Standing

The MSW program requires completion of 28 credit hours, including a 720 hour internship. The program takes 10 months to complete if you are going full time (four classes per semester plus fieldwork) or two years if you are going part time (two classes per semester). 


The MSW Advanced Standing requires a 720-hour internship, performed at the rate of 24 hours per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during normal business hours. Students work with internship coordinators to secure their internship placements.

A limited number of summer block internships are available for one of the internships. The block consists of 35-40 hours per week, Monday-Friday, again during normal business hours.


Students must have completed a BSW degree at an accredited school of social work. Additionally, every MSW student is required to have completed a statistics course within the past four years with a grade of "C" or better at the start term of their MSW program. We offer an online statistics course for admitted MSW students to take prior to or during their start term.


Advanced Standing students automatically receive 32 credit hours for the nine courses listed below. Students will complete 28 credit hours based on the requirements of their specialization curriculum.

Foundation CoursesCredit Hours
SOWK 500: Human Behavior Social Environment I  
SOWK 500E: Human Behavior in the Social Environment  
SOWK 501: Human Behavior Social Environment II  
SOWK 502: Race/Ethnicity  
SOWK 503: Individual and Family I  
SOWK 504: Individual and Family II  
SOWK 505: Group Process  
SOWK 506: Social Work Research  
SOWK 507: Social Welfare and Social Work  
SOWK 509: Policies and Strategies for Community Intervention