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Loyola's clinical social work focus prepares students to focus in areas where knowledge and skill in  direct service are essential, including mental health, school social work, medical social work, child welfare, elderly services, substance abuse, employee assistance, and counseling individuals, families and small groups. The concentration in leadership and program management prepares graduates for program and resource management of direct service programs.

Yes, we offer unique study abroad opportunities for students and alumni in Rome, Italy and Beijing, China. These are wonderful opportunities to earn graduate credit or CEU's during the summer months. Course offerings are determined on an annual basis. We also offer a 10 week field placement in Chiapas, Mexico where students work with families and community members in a rural village. For more information click here.

In the Loyola MSW Program at Carthage, students are admitted into a cohort. This means that a group of students begin the graduate program together and will remain together as a group throughout their graduate program. The cohort model offers a nice opportunity for students to interact and form a community of learners.

Yes, the School of Social Work follows the regulations on the Council of Social Work Education, which requires 2 field internships as part of the MSW. Therefore, all students complete 2 field internships as part of direct social work practice as part of the program. The first year internship is 500 hours and the second year internship is 720 hours. These field internships are incorporated into your program with the help of our field internship coordinator and academic advisor.

Classes are offered on Saturday's at Loyola's MSW Program at Carthage. Student's may choose their courses based on their schedules. The classes for the traditional program and advanced standing program routinely start every June.

The School of Social Work offers many opportunities for students to be involved outside of the classroom. For those interested in participating in research opportunities, we have three institutes where opportunities continuously arise for MSW students. We have a student organization called SSWSO, a student only publication called Praxis and a Multicultural Association Affairs Committee with Social Work.

Loyola's utilizes the LOCUS system for all course registration. For new incoming students, we offer an orientation session where students will be able to learn about the LOCUS system and register with the assistance of the academic advisor. Students who are already in the program, register for classes through the LOCUS system at the end of the prior semester.

In the Loyola MSW Program, students are assigned an advisor at the first orientation session. An academic advisor can assist you with your course questions and help you plan out your graduate program.

The program plan will be reviewed with you in the first orientation meeting for incoming students. It identifies courses students are required to take for each area of specialization. Students will be able to refer to the program plan throughout their graduate program.

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university, strong academic performance, work/volunteer experience in human services, commitment to advocacy, interest, interest in connection to others and self-awareness. 

The recommended G.P.A. to our master's program is a 3.0. It is a 3.25 for our advanced standing applicants. While applicants with a variety of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply, a solid undergraduate performance between 3.0 and 4.0 is usually a good predictor
to do graduate work. We do look at each candidate as a composite of their academic experiences, professional development, references, commitment to service and ability to express themselves.

We are most interested in applicants who indicate a strong commitment to the field, a history of volunteer and/or relevant work experience and the ability to communicate and write on a graduate level. If you are concerned about your G.P.A, you may submit an academic
explanation essay that addresses reasons for your concerns and your plans for performing at a higher level in the future. This statement should be no more than 1-2 paragraphs long.

No, interviews are not standard. Students are welcomed, however, in order to set up an individual meeting or attend a class visit, information session or open house please see visit us for details.

All students need to have completed a statistics course within four years with a grade of C or better. This requirement is not a prerequisite for admission, but rather a requirement for beginning the research sequence of classes, which typically begin the second semester of study's. Students who've not met this requirement, will need to take a statistics course prior to beginning classes, or during the first semester of studies. Note the School of Social Work offers an online statistics course that meets this requirement.

Certainly, applicants from a host of academic and professional backgrounds are interested in pursuing an M.S.W. This contributes to a diverse and stimulating mix in our student body.

Once your information is complete it should take our faculty and our admissions staff 4-6 weeks to make a decision.

The statement of purpose is a very important part of the application. Critical thinking skills and commitment to the field should be evident in your responses. Follow all instructions and answer all three questions included in the online application. Make sure you use spell check your statement as we are looking at writing style and ability during our review process.

No, we do not accept the GRE as part of the M.S.W. If you see a place to indicate you have taken the GRE on the online application form simply leave it blank for our department. If you are interested in a dual degree program, however, you should check with that department to learn about their test-taking requirements.

Transcripts are required for any credit-bearing, post secondary course in which you've been enrolled. As already stated, it is considered academic fraud to fail to include these in your application packet.

Transcripts can be mailed directly to the Graduate Enrollment Office at 820 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611, or you can have them mailed to you, providing they are sealed, and send them in all at once. You are also able to drop them off if that makes you more comfortable.

International applicants are required to send in transcripts to be considered applicants for our graduate programs. It is okay if your transcripts are in another language. You are also required to have a course-by-course evaluation of your courses completed at www.ece.org. This will verify if the degree earned is equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree. Without the official verification, you may not be admitted into the program. This process will both verify your degree and and translate your scores into U.S. GPA, which is a factor in the admissions decision.

It is recommended that you obtain one volunteer, one professional and one academic reference. That being said, we invite diverse groups of applicants to apply and recognize that older applicants, as well as others for various reasons, may not have access to all three of these. If that is the case, then you may choose to use another combination of the three suggested reference types, but be sure to have those people speak to your strengths in the other areas defined as well. Letters from ministers, priests, rabbis are accepted only if you have volunteered or worked in some capacity for your place of worship. Letters from parents, spouses and therapists are not accepted.

Just as with transcripts, letters of reference can be sent in separately or together, as long as they are sealed upon arrival to the School. Letters of recommendation can be submitted via the online application form, sent directly by recommenders to gradapp@luc.edu, or sent via snail mail.

Note: Sending additional letters of recommendation does not strength an application.

No, in fact, many applicants, opt to send their materials "piece-meal" which is acceptable. Note, however, that the application will not be reviewed until the graduate enrollment office has received every piece of the enrollment material.

Loyola's School of Social Work accepts MSW applications all year around. The Water Tower program in Chicago admits students for Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. Loyola's MSW at Carthage has entry for the Summer Semester only. Though there are no application deadlines, early application is encouraged.

After submitting your completed application, the faculty will review it and determine if you will be required to complete a statistics course. Students will receive a letter from the admissions office within the School of Social Work with regards to the statistic requirement. For information on the online statistics course offered through Loyola's MSW Program at Carthage please click here.

The School of Social Work does offer a limited number of scholarships and graduate assistant opportunities. These competitive gifts, based on work and volunteer experiences in the profession, academic merit, and promise in the field, are awarded to incoming students upon admission. All students who selected on their initial application an interest in merit-based awards will be considered. The application for the MSW program also serves as the application for these awards; no additional documentation needs to be submitted for consideration.

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Loyola's Title IV School Code is 001710 or you can list our address: Loyola University Chicago, 6525 N. Sheridan Road., Chicago, IL. There is no fee to file the FAFSA. 

A student must be enrolled in at least four credit hours (or two classes) per semester to be eligible to receive financial aid.

The FAFSA form is annual and year-specific, so it must be submitted for each academic year that you would like to be considered for federal aid. (An academic year at Loyola begins with the fall term and continues through the end of the following summer term.) The FAFSA cannot be filed prior to January1 each year. Therefore, if you want to be considered for federal aid beginning in the Fall 2009 you should file the 2009-2010 FAFSA as early as January 1, 2009. We recommend that you file your FAFSA by March 1st each year.

Visit the graduate financial aid page or contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at: 773.508.7704 or e-mail: lufinaid@luc.edu

On this website is a tab for Fieldwork. Click on it to get more detailed information.

The Field Manual provides detailed information also. Students begin their field work internship soon  after they start in the Loyola MSW Program at Carthage.  Students will learn more about the field internships during orientations that are held prior to students starting in the program. The Internship Coordinator is available to work with students to assist with field internships. There are a variety of field internships available to students in a variety of social work areas.

Yes, students complete an application for field in which they indicate their interests. Once students are enrolled in an internship, there are evaluations that are completed by supervisors, learning agreements and process recordings. These are explained in more detail in the field manual.

Students enrolled as traditional students complete 500 hours for their first year field internship. Second year students and advanced standing students complete 720 hours of their second year internship.