Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselors (CADC) Track

Loyola University Chicago’s School of Social Work is accredited by the Illinois Certification Board, ICB (Formally IAODAPCA) as an Advanced Accredited Training Program, preparing social work students and practitioners to become Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselors (CADC).

Upon completion of the training program (see below for program requirements), students are eligible to submit their application to ICB to take the CADC exam. A passing grade on the ICB-administered exam is required for official CADC certification. The ability to take the exam is reliant on the completion of the required classwork and internship house. 

Coursework: The following courses are required by Loyola and to fulfill state requirements

  • SOWK 722: Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders (3 credits)
  • SOWK 621: Clinical Practice in Addictions (3 credits)
  • SOWK 622: Substance Abuse Treatment in Groups (3 credits)

Internship: Students in the Micro Practice Specialization in the CADC track must secure a second-level internship at a site that has been approved by Loyola as a CADC site. Internship Hours: 600 hours for MSW students and 500 hours for Post-Grad students. 

Contact: Please contact our Director, Dr. Marcy Wilroy at 312.915.7576 or at mwilroy@luc.edu with further questions.

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