Loyola University Chicago

Group Work Sub-specialization

Group work is increasingly utilized in the broad spectrum of social work populations and settings. The Group Work Sub-specialization develops students’ expertise in the theory, application, and skills needed for effectively working with groups. This sub-specialization addresses both clinical and administrative group work for the purposes of therapy, support, education, social skills, self-help, social action, staff development, team building, meetings, committees, coalitions, and boards of directors.

The Group Work Sub-specialization is compatible with all specializations - Children & Families, Health,  LDSS, Mental Health, Schools. Templates for planning coursework for each specialization and the Group Work Sub-specialization can be found in Advising Templates below.

Application for this sub-specialization is required. Applications should be submitted by December 1st, unless special approval has been secured from the Program Director. Students need to fill out the Group Work application form and submit it to the Program Director, Shirley Simon at ssimon@luc.edu.

Required courses: 3 courses plus a second-level field work experience with a significant group work component.

  • SOWK 505: Social Work with Small Groups
  • SOWK 604: Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups
  • SOWK 662: Professional Development (Offered Spring only)
  • SWFI 630 and 631: Second Level Field Placement with Group Work Component