Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

LMMP Specialization

Leadership, Mezzo, and Macro Practice (LMMP)

The Leadership, Mezzo, and Macro Practice area of specialization extend foundation knowledge and skills in working at the mezzo and macro levels of social work practice. Informed by an anti-racist framework and social work ethics, LMMP courses educate students in critical thinking, reflective attention to affective factors, and informed decision-making for action. These overarching values and processes are applied to the development of theoretical knowledge of community change, organizations, leadership and supervision, and policy advocacy.

The courses address skill development for mezzo/macro practice, including: leading people; managing programs, services, and organizations; developing and evaluating programs and policies; supervising and supporting the work of individuals, teams, and groups; assisting the professional development of others; developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating budgets; engaging in policy advocacy and coalition building; working with advisory and/or policy boards; supporting evaluation and research endeavors to assess effectiveness and efficiency; performing development activities such as fund-raising and grant writing.

LMMP Suggested Electives
SOWK 602: Health and Behavioral Health Policy and Systems
SOWK 606: Practicum in Research and Evaluation
SOWK 654: Global Social Work: Reflective Practice for Justice and Peace
SOWK 663: Women in a Global Context
SOWK 709: Social Work and the Law
SOWK 714: Philanthropy, Public Policy, Community Change
SOWK 730: Migration Dynamics and U.S, Social Policy
SOWK 732: Migration, Social Justice, and Human Rights