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MSW Online Program Option

If you are fluent in Spanish, you will thrive in our unique Maestría Bilingüe en Trabajo Social en Línea! Click here for details

With over 100 years of experience in offering a campus-based, internationally recognized MSW program focused on Social Work Practice in Chicago, we are proud to announce the launch of the Online Program Option to ensure students have access to a rigorous and quality-enriched program to meet the needs of the workforce of tomorrow!

How are we different from the other Online MSW programs?

- A re-envisioned curriculum that took two years to develop by faculty & staff brings you to a rigorous MSW program that has the lowest credit hour (from 60 to 49) requirement in the country.

- We achieved this by carefully integrating competencies throughout various courses, using cutting-edge instructional innovations, and augmenting simulation practice in the classroom.

- We focus on the current & future workforce needs

  • Across the nation
    • Advanced Micro Specialization – Migration Track
    • Advanced Leadership and Mezzo/Macro Specialization – Leadership Track
  • Only in Illinois
    • Advanced Micro Specialization – School Social Work Track

- Online “Only” is not something everybody wants in Social Work Education

  • Our courses are flexible enough that synchronous “face-to-face” discussions are incorporated into didactic content to give students opportunities to have professional mentorships, networks, and friendships built for a lifetime

- We use the latest in Engagement Platforms for Field Internship Placements & Alumni-Student Mentorships

- Field Internships will be close to your neighborhood to enable you to be a home-grown “Leader”!

- We offer all of our academic and administrative services in-house by exceptional faculty and staff

  • Over 98% of faculty have a terminal degree in Social Work and more than 5 years of practice experience
  • 51% of full-time faculty are underrepresented racial or ethnic minorities
  • Social Work in Action – Take a glance!

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