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Program Courses


  •  Jesuit Transformational Education: The goal ofJesuit education is to form leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who strive to build a better world. “Transformative education” at LUC reflect the commitment in engaging students to be effective change agents for social justice in a global context. Democratic Values: public service professionals must observe and respect the rule of law as they contribute to their organization's efforts to serve the public interest.
  • Professional Values: public service professionals must serve with competence, excellence, efficiency, objectivity, and impartiality.
  • Ethical Values: public service professionals must act at all times in ways that uphold the public trust by discerning truth based on empirical facts
  • Social Justice Values: public service professionals’ exercise of authority and responsibility must be dictated by respect for human dignity, fairness, and social & economic equity.

Program Objectives

  • Educate students to be compassionate and effective leaders who humanely manage public service organizations.
  • Prepare students to initiate and facilitate interactions between government, for‐ profit, and nonprofit sectors to provide ethical and workable solutions to societal needs.
  • Prepare students to translate research into effective practices and achievable, humane policies
  • Educate students to use ethical leadership in transparent, data-driven, accountable decision making for the common good.
  • Prepare student to communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and community.


This is a 100% online program. In Fall/Spring, you will be enrolled in 2 Eight Week classes back to back for a total of four courses each semester. In the summer, you will take 2 courses. The entire 30 credit program can then be completed in 1 year, taking 2 courses at any given point in time, spreading out the workload of graduate education to be more manageable.




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