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Ignatian Fellows Program

St. Ignatius Fellow

The School of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago is announcing two full-time Ignatian Fellows for Social Justice in the PhD Program.

This opportunity was created to address underrepresented populations in the current PhD programs in the U.S. According to the Annual Statistics of Social Work Education in the U.S. 2015 (CSWE), under 20% of PhD graduates were of African American/Other Black, Latino/Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Chicano/Mexican American and American Indian/Native American/Indigenous descent. Applicants from countries that also meet the above population criteria are welcome to apply.

Our Ignatian heritage is the living legacy of St. Ignatius Loyola. It is a rich heritage of faith, seeking God in everyday life; a profound commitment to the poor and to issues of social responsibility and justice. Ignatius believed that it is imperative to act upon what is learned–to use our values in service to humanity. We are called to make a difference in “caring for the entire person” (cura personalis). Social justice epitomizes the values of both the university and the School of Social Work, and should be exhibited in the future endeavors of those who receive these awards.


Fellows will receive tuition waivers with health insurance coverage and a yearly stipend of $18,000 for the first three years in the PhD Program. Applicants will be matched to the needs and research interests of the faculty and school. Fellows will be paired with a faculty member mentor with similar research interests at the beginning of year one, and in year 2, the Fellows and mentors will work together on funding opportunities, so the students will get socialized into grant writing endeavors and receive continued full time financial support in Years 4 and 5 (if needed).


Applicants must demonstrate the capacity to perform exceptionally well in the program as evidenced by their scholarship, organizational ability, motivation towards completion, understanding the value of a PhD for their career path, and the capacity to have an impact on social justice issues through their research endeavors. A MSW is preferred but master’s degrees in related fields will be considered. Two years of post-master’s experience (full-time; volunteer; or consultancy) is required by CSWE to teach social work practice courses. Our PhD program concurs with this requirement, but less experience will be considered given the applicant’s career goals. Evidence of scholarly capability include competitive GPAs and test scores on the GRE or Miller’s Analogy Test. Assessment of capability to succeed, readiness for a PhD program, relevance of research interests, and future impact on social justice issues will be made through the applicant’s personal statement and personal interview with the PhD Director or member of the Doctoral Committee. Lastly, a required writing sample will be used to determine the student’s ability to succeed in coursework, proposal development, and dissertation work.

Students admitted to the PhD program as an Ignatian Fellow for Social Justice in the spirit of this fellowship to embrace the values and mission of a Jesuit education will be required to complete the requirements for the Ignatian Pedagogy Certificate program before graduation. This certificate program introduces faculty and staff to the basics of Ignatian pedagogy and its application to the teaching and learning mission at Loyola University Chicago. More information can be found on the following link: Ignatian Pedagogy Certificate Program.

Deadline & Contact

The deadline to apply is January 1.
For inquiries, please contact Dr. Philip Hong, Director of the PhD Program. Email: phong@luc.edu or 312.915.7447