Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Foundation Courses

SOWK 305: Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory

Credit Hours



Junior status, Social Work majors & minors, Human Services majors. Prerequisites for BSWs: "C-" or higher in PSYC 101. Prerequisite or corequisite for BSWs: SOWK 200 and SOWK 370.

Co-requisite: SOCL 101.


This course will consider biopsychosocial spiritual theories across the life course, with a focus on trauma and resilience and an understanding of the role of neuroscience in development. Within each module, we will briefly introduce "traditional" understandings of development, and then complicate these approaches with a discussion of challenges and thriving reflected by clients of social workers. The course will also explore the role of the social work profession in using knowledge of the impact of the social environment on development to build programs and policies reflective of the value of social justice at the core of the profession. By the end of the course, social work students will be able to use content to assess adaptation and development based on individual- or community-level resilience, stressors, and disadvantage.

SOWK 305 Syllabus