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Practical experience, or fieldwork, is built into the MSW social work curriculum. All fieldwork experiences are credit-bearing internships, which offer students an opportunity to integrate and apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting and prepare them for the responsibility of beginning professional practice. Loyola has over 300 partnerships with agencies in Chicago and the larger Metropolitan area, which gives students access to a wide range of client populations and settings. 

To receive credit for fieldwork experiences, students must work with the appropriate Internship Coordinator to complete the application process. To start this process, students must submit an application for fieldwork with the School of Social Work Student Services Office.

To access the forms page, which includes field work applications click here. All applications have deadlines and require collaboration and communication between the student and the respective Internship Coordinator to secure a fieldwork site.

Click here for information about fieldwork deadlines.

Click PDF to read and review the Field Education Manual.

It is the policy of the School of Social Work that all referrals of students to fieldwork sites must be made by Internship Coordinators in the field office. Students may provide a suggestion about a field site, but may not pursue one on their own. Fieldwork sites independently obtained will not be approved.

Internship materials and requirements vary depending on degree program:here

BSW Fieldwork Program

MSW Fieldwork Program

 For frequently asked questions regarding fieldwork, please visit our FAQs page.

Agencies and Field Supervisors: Please visit our Field Liaisons and Field Supervisors Information Page for forms and guidelines.