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School of Social Work

Master of Social Work Online Bilingual


 Loyola’s School of Social Work was founded in 1914. Throughout its history, the School has been dedicated to clinical social work, preparing career-minded students through scholarship and the development of direct practice skills.

As the first program of its kind in the mainland U.S., the ONLINE BILINGUAL (SPANISH) MSW is aimed at filling a critical need gap. Primarily, the degree program will help equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge to address the unmet integrated mental health needs of Latinx, immigrant, and refugee populations. Whether persons are experiencing barriers due to lack of linguistically and culturally appropriate services, professional shortages, transportation, or insurance coverage, the program will prepare graduates to remove these barriers to service and become a force for justice.

  • The degree offers full-time enrollment (8 continuous semesters)
    - Average time to completion (full-time): 2 years
  • This is an online degree.

Loyola offers an Advanced Standing MSW program for students who have completed their BSW from an accredited institution within the past 5 years. Advanced standing students can complete their studies in 4 continuous semesters.

By leveraging local, national, and international resources and partnerships, Loyola offers an opportunity for you to gain experience by completing 1,200 fieldwork hours during two required internships.

Once you earn your MSW, you’ll be ready to work in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Public and private mental health settings
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Government entities
  • Schools
  • Organizations serving immigrant and refugee populations
  • Hospitals and other health care settings


MSW alumni are currently serving as clinical social workers, policy makers, program directors, faculty, and researchers.

Loyola’s Jesuit heritage and commitment to social justice acts as a foundation for this degree program, which strives to help address society’s need for greater access to integrated health care across populations.


Through practical curriculum and two internship experiences, students are actively involved in preparing for their career after graduation while also making valuable professional connections around the world.



Our faculty have a wide variety of clinical and policy-based research interests, including school social work, mental health, health care, children & families, leadership & development, migration & immigration, gerontology, and many others.

Applicants should have taken a statistics course within the past 4 years and earned a grade of C or higher. If you do not meet this requirement, you will complete an online statistics course during your first semester as an MSW student.

Spanish proficiency will be assessed before enrollment in classes.

These prerequisites are subject to change.

Begin the financial aid process by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov.

All U.S. students who complete their application by the priority scholarship deadline are considered for merit-based scholarships. There are a limited number of need-based scholarships also available each year, and graduate assistant positions are offered through the School of Social Work and other departments on campus.

Visit LUC.edu/socialwork to learn about outside scholarships.