Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


MSW/MPH Dual Degree

This program begins every Fall term. Applicants for the MSW/MPH dual degree should complete separate applications for admission to each of  the programs, indicating on both their intent to pursue the dual degree.

MSW Application

  1. A Completed Application Form
    We prefer that you submit your application form online. You may also download an application form and mail the completed form to: Graduate & Professional Enrollment Management, 820 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60611. Students who have already applied to a graduate or professional program at Loyola University Chicago should fill out the reapplication form.
  2. Official Transcripts
    Applicants must submit official transcripts for all undergraduate and any graduate coursework. To be eligible for admission, your transcript must show an earned bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree in progress. Certified copies of transcripts are acceptable; faxed copies of transcripts are not considered official. If you attended Loyola University Chicago previously, you do not need to request these transcripts; we have them on record.
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation
    Two letters of recommendation are required to apply for the MSW program. Three letters are recommended.

    If you supply your recommender's email address as part of your completed online application form, then your recommendation letters may be submitted online. Or, your recommenders may mail them to: Graduate & Professional Enrollment Management, 820 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60611.

    We ask that you submit only three letters of recommendation.  Recommendation letters can come from academic, professional or volunteer sources.  One of each is recommended.  If you graduated less than 5 years ago, at least one reference should be from an academic source.
  4. A Statement of Purpose
    The personal statement component of your application to the MSW/MPH Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work will be used to assess your writing, critical thinking, and capacity for self-awareness in terms of readiness for graduate level work and supervised practice in the field.

    The personal statement must be a comprehensive essay that addresses all the questions posed in the three topics below. You should submit one well-developed 1500 word, double spaced personal statement.

    Topic 1: Describe your understanding of both the social work and public health professions. How do you think the values and practice methods of each overlap or complement the other?
    Topic 2: Discuss your career interests and goals. In what population or area of social work/public health are you interested? How will a dual education in social work and public health prepare you for work in your area of interest? What do you hope to accomplish with an MSW/MPH?
    Topic 3: Discuss your timing to pursue a graduate program now. What personal and/or professional factors have led you to want to pursue an MSW/MPH now? How do you intend to complete the program? How do you plan to balance the academic and field responsibilities of the program with outside responsibilities and obligations? How will you finance your studies?

    If you are a transfer student currently or previously enrolled in a MSW program elsewhere, in addition to addressing the questions above in your personal statement, please address you interest in transferring to Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work from your current or past institution.
  5. Application Fee
    A $50 application fee is required for applications submitted by mail. If you complete the online application form, the application fee is waived.
  6. CV/Resume

MPH Application

Please, click here to learn about the MPH program application requirements.

For similar requirements, you may use the same documentation for both applications (e.g, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose).