Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


May Commencement

The School of Social Work Commencement has been scheduled for May 8, 2019 at 3:00pm on the Lake Shore Campus in Gentile Arena. All Fall 2018, Spring and Summer 2019 graduates are invited to attend. More information and registration details will be emailed to your LUC email address beginning in January 2019. For information about SSW Commencement at Loyola University Chicago, visit www.luc.edu/commencement.

Required: Graduation & Licensure Meetings

School of Social Work Graduation and Licensure Meetings

BSW and MSW students who plan to graduate in either Spring or Summer 2019 will be required to attend both a Graduation Meeting and Licensure Meeting. Graduation and Licensure Meetings are mandatory for MSW students, while Graduation Meetings are mandatory for BSW students (though BSW students are also welcome to attend a Licensure Meeting).

The Graduation Meetings will cover many aspects of the commencement process. These meetings will also cover a breadth of topics related to graduation, including: the degree conferral process, requesting transcripts, and the completion of your Graduate Portfolio. Attendance to this meeting is required, even id you do not plan on participating in the May 2019 Commencement.

The Licensure Meetings will cover out-of-state and in-state licensure processes. If you plan to apply for licensure in another state, please bring any verification of education forms for that state to the meeting. For more information about your state of interest, please visit the NASW website for that state. If you plan to apply for licensure in Illinois, we will go through that process in depth.

Below are the schedule dates and times for these meetings. Please note that these are separate workshops, and you must come to both. No RSVP required.

Graduation Workshops and Licensure Workshops

Spring graduation and licensure meetings will be scheduled in April; dates will be posted once confirmed.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Month of Degree Conferral December Degree Conferral May Degree Conferral August Degree Conferral
MSW Application Deadlines August 1 December 1 February 1
MSW Late Application Deadlines August 15 December 31 February 15
BSW Application Deadlines March 3 October 1 October 1
BSW Late Application Deadlines March 15 October 15 October 15

For more information, see Registration & Records.

MSW Application for Graduation

Students will need to complete all of the steps to be considered for matriculation at the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Students must apply for graduation in LOCUS. Below please find step by step instructions:

  • Login to LOCUS
  • Make sure your name (diploma name), address, and contact number (this also includes your emergency contacts) have been updated. The address listed for you in Locus is where your diploma will be sent. You can add a diploma address if you are uncertain of your location and would like to use a friend/family member/etc. as an alternative.
  • Click on "Academics"
  • Click on "Apply for Graduation" folder
  • Follow the directions listed (leave blank the boxes that ask for the Director and Thesis; these do not apply to our program.)
  • Make sure your prior institution information is listed correctly if it is not already listed for you
  • Once you hit the submit button you are all set. There is no confirmation, but you will see your graduation status change to “applied” in Locus

Review a copy of your Unofficial Transcript (in LOCUS) and ensure that your grades have been entered for all of your courses and field work experiences. If you are missing grades or have incomplete grades posted, please contact the professor/instructor of the course immediately to develop a plan to get this grade corrected if the work/evaluation has been submitted. 

If you intend to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony, please check the box in LOCUS while applying for graduation. You will receive an e-mail from the university asking you to confirm your participation in the ceremony. You must confirm your attendance by following the directions in the e-mail. For specific information related to the University’s Commencement Ceremony visit: www.luc.edu/commencement. The University only conducts 1 commencement ceremony for the academic year. All fall and summer graduates will participate in the May ceremony.