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Study Abroad Rome 2018 - Colosseum

Read the students and faculty insights of the 2018 excursion and check out the full photo album.

Join us for the 2019 SSW Rome Program

Join professors Caleb Kim and Ivan Media in Rome this upcoming summer for espresso, gelato, great sightseeing and two outstanding social work courses:

  1. SOWK 502/370 Promoting Social Justice and Empowerment: The Intersection of Opresssion, Privilege, and Diversity in Social Work (502 could be replaced with 690 Independent Study if you already took this course).
  2. SOWK 610 M/F Advanced Policy Practice. Earn 6 credits towards your MSW degree. Your "book learning" will be augment with half dozen amazing excursions, including social service site visits and cultural experiences (guest lecturers, visit to social service sites in Pompeii, the Vatican Museum and the Roman Forum).

Information sessions will be held on October 16 & 17 at 5:00 pm in Maguire Hall (School of Social Work) 5th Floor Conference Room.

Summer 2019 Course Offered

SOWK 502/370 Promoting Social Justice and Empowerment: The Intersection of Oppression, Privilege, and Diversity in Social Work (this course could be replaced with 690 Independent Study if a student already took it).

Faculty: Caleb Kim

  • This course is designed to learn the concepts of privilege, oppression and social justice of diverse populations from the global context through a study abroad in Rome. There are three essential and unique micro, mezzo and macro components to develop cultural consciousness, humility and global perspective. Three components are: 1. Developing an ongoing awareness of self and personal/professional boundaries (micro); 2. Understanding the unique needs and lived experiences of diverse populations, especially in Italy and Europe (mezzo); and 3. Expanding awareness of the various systems of oppression and privilege that contribute to our self-awareness and self-concept as well as global and international perceptions (macro). Special attention is directed to identifying the needs of underserved and high-risk populations (e.g. refugees, immigrants) in the global context.

SOWK 610 M/F Advanced Policy Practice.

Faculty: Ivan Medina

  • This advanced course provides students with frameworks for understanding the interrelationships between developments in health policy, mental health policy, delivery systems, and social work practice.  Particular attention is  given to the major social institutions influencing children, adolescents, and families: schools, the workplace, the economy, child welfare, health care, and religion. Aspects of the health and mental health care delivery systems and financing are identified, including their effects on mental health care access and utilization.  Special attention is directed to identifying the needs of underserved and high-risk populations as well as racial and ethnic minorities. 

Dates of the Trip

  • June 15th - June 29th, 2019

Trip Schedule & Sites of Interest

  • Saturday June 15th Arrive!
  • Sunday June 16th Welcome lunch and field trip
  • Monday June 17th to June 28th Coursework and fieldtrips
  • Friday June 28th Goodbye lunch and field trip
  • Saturday June 29th Depart

Program Fees

  • $400 non-refundable fee is due by Friday, December 7, 2018.
  • Estimated total program fee will range from $2,200 to $2,500 (inclusive of the $400 deposit).
  • Program fee covers housing, breakfast, occasional meals, all-access bus pass (like the Ventra card), and all course-related tours and field trips.
  • Other expenses you need to budget for: airfare (~$700 - $1500), tuition, meals, and anything you want to spend on gifts, traveling, and tours.


No application, just a $400 deposit.


Caleb Kim at ckim4@luc.edu OR  Ivan Medina at imedina@luc.edu

The deadline for submitting your deposit is Friday, December 7th 2018. We know that many of you are VERY excited about going to Rome this summer to learn about cultural competence, self-awareness, diverse at-risk global population, advanced policy, and to explore one of the most amazing cities in the world. The first 12 to sign up and submit deposits will be assured space on the trip. You will get the link for the Rome deposit in a separate email. Since traveling is more fun with friends, encourage your friends to sign up.

Thank you for your interest in our trip to Rome. If you are curious about what 2 weeks in Rome looks like, check out these amazing photos from and Rome 2017 and Rome 2016 trips. We hope you are able to join us in Roma Aeterna, "The Eternal City" next summer! If you have questions, please email us.