Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Sociology and Loyola's Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is an essential part of undergraduate education at Loyola. The Core includes 15 courses for a total of 45 credit house of coursework, primarily in the Arts and Sciences. As of fall 2012, the Core has been simplified and a new emphasis placed on understanding global realities. The set of core courses offered through the sociology department have remained the same, although they are classified in a new way for students entering Loyola in or after the fall of 2012. In addition, the name for SOCL 101 has been changed to reflect the new core emphasis on global understanding.

For all students, whenever they enrolled at Loyola, the Core Curriculum requires two classes that satisfy the Social and Cultural Knowledge Area. The list of sociology classes that satisfy this requirement follows. Students who enrolled at Loyola prior to fall 2012 may take any of these courses in any order. Students who enrolled at Loyola in or after the fall of 2012 must take a Tier I class before taking a Tier II class. Please note that a Tier I class can be taken in sociology, anthropology, political science or psychology in preparation for taking a Tier II class in any of those disciplines.

Core Social and Cultural Knowledge Tier I Class

  • SOCL 101 Society in a Global Age

Core Social and Cultural Knowledge Tier II Classes

  • SOCL 121 Social Problems
  • SOCL 122 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCL 123 Mass Media and Popular Culture
  • SOCL 125 Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis
  • SOCL 145 Religion and Society
  • SOCL 171 Sex and Gender

Core Engaged Learning Courses

In addition, the previous Core requirement for one Civic Engagement course has been broadened to include a wider range of courses, and the name for this requirement has been changed to Engaged Learning. The following courses in sociology satisfy this requirement. Selected sections of other courses may satisfy this requirement, such as a section of SOCL 101 that includes service-learning. Those course sections will be listed on LOCUS each semester.

  • SOCL 127 Social Analysis and Social Action
  • SOCL/PLSC 335 Urban Semester Seminar
  • SOCL 380 Internship

Core Quantitative Analysis Course

Sociology majors can satisfy the core quantitative analysis requirement by passing SOCL 301 Statistics for Social Research, which is a requirement for the major. Students who are not sociology majors cannot take this course, and so it is not listed on LOCUS as satisfying the core for the general student population. Additionally, sociology majors who are taking psychology as a major or minor can take PSYC 304, Statistics, in place of SOCL 301. Please note that each school and college within the university may have additional general education requirements beyond those of the Core, such as the foreign language or writing intensive requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.