Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology



“A sociology degree allows you to study the systems and structures that govern the way we interact with society, within communities, and with one another. Are you fascinated by the complex forces that keep civilization in balance? Are you interested in the various religious, political, cultural and ecological factors that can throw that balance into disarray? If so, you are a good candidate for a degree in sociology.”
The most common career paths for Sociology Majors are:
  • Behavioral disorder counselors
  • Correctional treatment specialists
  • Health educators
  • Marriage/family therapists
  • Probation officers
  • Recreational therapists
  • Rehabilitation counselors
  • Social/community service managers
  • Social/human service assistants
  • Social workers
  • Substance abuse counselors
  • Medical School
  • Law School

Here are some resources to help you find your career path:

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