Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Masters (MA) Program - Applied Track

Although all aspects of the department's curriculum aim to provide students with a better understanding of social structures and processes, the track in Public and Applied Sociology puts special emphasis on the application of sociological knowledge and methods to the development of policies and programs. It provides students with the research skills in both qualitative and quantitative analysis and the substantive sociological background needed to pursue careers in applied research. This degree can be particularly useful for students planning jobs with such organizations as a corporation, a hospital, an urban police department, a metropolitan archdiocese, a social service agency, a labor union or a community organization. Completion of this degree normally requires two years as a full time student.

This track requires five required courses: History of Sociological Thought (405), The Logic of Sociological Inquiry (410), Qualitative Methods (412), Statistical Methods I (414), and Sociology Internship (494);  and five electives within the Sociology Program. The internship is a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and to make professional contacts that will facilitate their careers. Interns have worked in a variety of organizations-the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority, American Medical Association, Better Government Association, and the Midwest Women's Center-as well as for several metropolitan newspapers, fair housing commissions, city government departments, and major corporations. Students in this track are also required to complete a thesis or submit a portfolio (including the internship report).