Loyola University Chicago

Sponsored Program Accounting

Signature Cards

A signature card should be signed, at minimum, by the PI of a grant accounting unit at the time the new accounting unit is established.  The signed card should be returned to SPA via email: GRNTCON@luc.edu

If the PI wishes to designate others to have the ability to approve or initiate salary and non-salary expenses for his/her AU, then they may sign the card as well.  This includes approvals for check requisitions, expense reimbursements, payroll updates and changes, and purchase requisitions either on paper or through Lawson RQC. 

Department administrators, business managers, etc. can sign a global signature card by checking the Global Authority check box, which allows for the signer to approve everything that falls under that department (level).

See also: Signature Card PolicySignature Card Form (Finance Div. list of forms), Signature Card form direct link.