Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

February 2014

Tom Earley

Title/s: Director, Facilities

E-mail: tearley@luc.edu


Department: Facilities
Campus: Health Sciences Campus
Years at Loyola: 36

What is your favorite thing about working at Loyola?
Working with people that have so many different interests and perspectives is great, whether it's students, faculty, staff, or outside contractors.

What is your most memorable achievement as a Loyola employee?
Earning my first promotion to Engineer "many years ago" was so memorable. My second son had just been born and I was looking to buy a house, so the raise came in very handy.

What does Loyola's mission mean to you?
Being here for as long as I have and seeing so many students pass through really gives you an appreciation of the critical role Loyola plays in educating and shaping generations of leaders in so many different fields.

What motivates you to succeed each and every day?
Seeing how the administration is willing to back each department with the resources they need to succeed in their role really makes you want to use those resources to their maximum potential. Also, seeing how we, as a facilities department, can make such a difference in the quality of the learning experience for the students is truly gratifying.

Tell us how you show your Rambler pride.
To me it's not so much showing pride as it's taking pride in working for an organization like Loyola. When people ask where I work and I tell them Loyola University Chicago, it really means something to me.

Tell us something most people at Loyola would be surprised to know about you.
I like to read science fiction and fantasy novels. When I heard they were making The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit into movies, I couldn't wait to see them.