Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

March 2015

Ryan Sinon

Title/s:  Office Coordinator

Email: rsinon@luc.edu


Department/School/Division: Family Business Center
Water Tower Campus
Years at Loyola: 

What is your favorite thing about working at Loyola?
Definitely the excellent team I work with. We’re close knit, hardworking, and still know how to have fun together.

What is your most memorable achievement as a Loyola employee?
Brace yourself, because this is going sound sappy – like Lifetime Original sappy – but I mean it sincerely: I count any time I successfully help one of our members as a memorable achievement. There, I said it. I realize I’m bending my answer here a bit, that I’m not citing a single memorable achievement during my employment at Loyola. But that’s OK, right? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What does Loyola's mission mean to you?
If you boil it down to its essence, Loyola’s mission is all about using your talents and skills to help others and give back to the world. I love that message. Who can’t get behind that message?

What motivates you to succeed each and every day?
Succeeding each and every day is a tall order to fill. We all have our off-days, right? How about “try hard and do your best?” That sounds more human and leaves room for the occasional screw-up. Sound good? Okay, so, what motivates me to try hard and do my best? First and foremost, I have my parents to thank for my strong work ethic. Plus, I’m firstborn, so by definition, I’m unavoidably wired to be an achiever. What else? Definitely the energy my team brings to the office along with the thanks and appreciation shown by our members (they are a grateful bunch).

Tell us how you show your Rambler pride. 
Besides the Rambler face tattoo that I’m saving up for, I own a Loyola hoodie and I don’t hate the color maroon.

Tell us something most people at Loyola would be surprised to know about you. 
I’m an artist and writer. I studied illustration and fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago (a place near and dear to my heart). I’m also a huge movie buff.