Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

2020 Staff Council Candidates

Health Sciences Campus


Statement of Purpose

Susan Fargo

It would be an honor to serve as a member of the University Staff Council representing the Health Sciences Campus. Since returning from Peace Corps over 20 years ago, I have dedicated myself to serving others as best I can. I want to learn more about, and be an active member of Loyola’s USC community. If elected, in addition to advocating for staff, I would encourage stronger communication between the Council and its constituents. I hope to assist in voicing concerns for the diverse community of people that have interests in the future growth and needs of this campus.

Mary Jurasas

I joined LUC in June of 2019. In my current position as a Coordinator at the Stritch School of Medicine, I’ve been so inspired by staff at the Maywood, Water Tower, and Lakeshore campuses, whether it be due to their knowledge, innovation, kindness, or teamwork. I am interested in the concerns of my colleagues, particularly during the challenges we have been facing. None of us are sure what the next academic year brings, and I would love to bring my experience with in-person and remote professional development and event planning to our staff. I will thoughtfully represent them and be their voice.

Meghan Sbertoli

My background as a Licensed Professional Counselor has made me an active listener, critical thinker, and constructive communicator. I intend to bring these important skills to the University Staff Council. With over 10 years of experience in higher education, I am continually motivated and inspired by our students’ hard work and dedication to their individual programs.  As a member of the University Staff Council, I would further engage with other members of the university and community, while keeping Loyola’s mission to seek knowledge in the service of humanity at the forefront of my work. As I recently celebrated my first year of being a Rambler, I will also provide the council with my unique perspective as a newer member of the university.


Water Tower Campus


Statement of Purpose

Allison Davis

Thank you for the opportunity to run for a seat on the University Staff Council. My name is Allison Davis and I’ve worked in the Quinlan School of Business as a full-time staff member for three years. I’m a two-time Rambler, as I also attended graduate school at Loyola in the School of Education.

I’m excited for the opportunity to run for Staff Council because I would love the chance to collaborate more with professional staff across the University. In my current role, I collaborate often with other staff and faculty at Quinlan, and I would love to bring my skills and passion for collaborative work to the Council. I also have planned many events and programs, from small-scale 10-person events to large-scale programs for hundreds, and believe that my experience in that area could be beneficial as the Council plans staff programs and engagement opportunities.

I really do love being at Loyola. That being said, I’m not ignorant of ways in which we could always be better as a University, and I would love to be a sounding board and listening ear to other staff as we navigate our growth as a community. As a young professional with a passion for the Loyola experience, I believe I would make a great addition to the Staff Council.

Ashley Gisiger

As the Academic Advisor in the School of Communication, I am eager to serve with my fellow colleagues on the University Staff Council.  I look forward to representing the School of Communication, Water Tower Campus, and fellow staff members across all campuses as a voice for the interests and concerns of our staff community.  In my second academic year of service to Loyola, I have learned much and will still bring a fresh prospective to the work of staff council, especially in our current work environment.  I am enthusiastic about building community in the Loyola tradition and in ways to be discovered—I appreciate your support! 

Jodi Goode

I recently marked my one-year anniversary at Loyola School of Social Work as an undergraduate academic advisor, and I am ready and excited about the possibility to serve my fellow staff at LUC. With a background in public interest law, teaching, and university advising, I will use my skills to listen to your questions and concerns, provide information to you, voice your concerns to the appropriate departments, and advocate on your behalf when necessary. I want to help ensure that the strong professional development that LUC provides, including antiracist training, continues and would love to hear your ideas for future staff development opportunities. I’m proud to be part of a staff that celebrates and supports each other, but I know that we can do more to provide a more inclusive and supportive work environment for everyone. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and collaborate with you.

Pamela Raulfs

My name is Pamela Raulfs and I am currently the Assistant Director of Admissions & Scholarships within the School of Social Work. While I have only been working for Loyola for the last 10 months, I am seeking additional ways to get involved with the greater university. Joining the USC seems like a great way to do that, along with a great way to meet other colleagues across the university and form new working relationships. I have just about 8 years experience in leadership, 6 years experience working with students in a higher education setting,  along with over 10 years experience in various volunteer work. I am excited to be considered to represent the School of Social Work within USC and to be further connected to the Loyola mission. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kirk Walter ‌

My name is Kirk Walter, and I am the Director of the Weekend JD Program in the School of Law.  My interest in the University Staff Council stems from the fact that USC’s Statement of Intent specifically allows this body to act “as an advocate for staff,” but none of the five standing committees truly focus on this purpose.  USC does an outstanding job recognizing staff achievement, but I believe that it can and must do more to give voice to staff concerns in these uncertain times.  As an attorney and advocate, this is what I would bring to the Council.


Lake Shore Campus


Statement of Purpose

Russell Aivazian

I am humbled and honored to be nominated to staff council. As a Loyola alum, I am excited about the opportunity to serve on Staff Council in order to re-center cura personalis in the way the University makes decisions that impact staff and students. As a member of the Department of Residence Life, I can also bring my experience serving on the front-lines with students to inform my advocacy for the Loyola Community at a University level. Additionally, I bring many years of experience cultivating relationships across campus that can be utilized in order to serve as your advocate and champion.

Briana Allen

University Staff are the backbone who keep day-to-day university operations running. As a member of University Staff Council, I would work to make your voice heard in decision-making, advocate for professional growth opportunities, and seek recognition for the tireless hours given to ensure the University remains nationally recognized. As a member of staff who has served in faculty and administrative roles, my experience affords me insights into the decision-making and strategic planning processes, the development of programming, and the importance of communicating with constituents. I have served on executive and governing boards over the past 10 years advocating for the needs of members, steering vision and policy, and facilitating opportunities to engage members in their professional communities. I would be honored to serve the Loyola University Staff as your representative on University Staff Council.

Brandi Bates

I am interested in USC to work with others to provide opportunities and support for Loyola staff! I think I am creative and would offer new insights and ideas to the council. Community is important to me and I would love to help expand the feeling of community on campus especially with the social and political climate we are in. I think one of the best ways we can continue to support students as professionals is to feel that we also have support from all areas on campus when we have questions, concerns, and general thoughts. Through the creation of open dialogue with staff, we are able to learn and grow together.

Faith Bennett

As a staff member at the Information Commons, I work with students, staff and the administrative network.  In this position over the last five years, I have become a liaison with various campus communities, enjoying the different perspectives and interactions among these stakeholders. Contributing my expertise and insights to the USC will allow me take those skills to the next level while working to make sure all voices are heard.

Mary Bennett

Thank you for considering me as a candidate to serve on the University Staff Council (USC). I am excited about the opportunity to represent my fellow staff! I am running for USC because I want to have an active role in building community, fostering communication, and increasing positive engagement among Loyola’s staff members. Having worked at the University for 6 years and in my current role as the University Relations Coordinator for our Vietnam Center, I have many skillsets that will assist me in learning and voicing the concerns of our diverse community of people. I am looking forward to engaging with others across the University as we work together to advocate for our staff.

Robin Berman

I am so excited to run for University Staff Council because I am passionate about the work I do and I am a collaborator at heart. I love learning from my colleagues, and I thrive when getting involved in many different committees and projects. As an active member of the Wellness Center's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I have spearheaded activities and facilitated discussions to create more equitable spaces. And as part of our "fun" committee at the Wellness Center, I have planned community-building activities for our staff, both for in-person and in virtual spaces. I work closely with students, staff, and faculty members, and can bring these connections to my work on Staff Council. I have a background in large-scale event planning and community organizing, and I would love to put these skills to use to get more involved in our Loyola community. 

Lauren Hickey

When I think of me getting the opportunity to be on the university staff council, I think of this as a position of honor. This opportunity will allow me to voice the concerns for my fellow employees during these crucial times. Reason, fairness, and a point of view from a staff member that is not in upper management is what I can bring to the table for university staff council. Voting for me ensures that you will have an advocate to voice your concerns and ideas for all things staff related. Don’t stand bye or back, come forth and vote Lauren Hickey.

Molly Jordan

My name is Molly Jordan and I’ve worked as an International Student Advisor in the Office of International Programs for the last two years. I’ve loved my time at Loyola; however, we can all agree that this past year has brought challenges that our faculty, staff and students could never have anticipated. In working with international students and guiding them through the immigration changes that occurred throughout the summer, I was extremely encouraged by the support that my Loyola colleagues provided to our students and our team. Motivated by that experience and interested in furthering my connections with other talented staff around campus, I am happy to accept my nomination for Staff Council. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to serve and to provide advocacy for our staff community.

Jessie LaChance

My name is Jessie LaChance, and I currently oversee Peer Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction within the Tutoring Center. We strive to put students first in all we do in the Tutoring Center, but it is also extremely important that we look after the needs of the staff as well during this unprecedented year (and years to come). Being a part of University Student Council (USC) would allow me to have a direct impact on the staff experience. I have coordinated an advisory council, so I am familiar with reviewing policies, facilitating conversations among different stakeholders, and providing synthesized recommendations to governing bodies. I would be honored to bring that experience to the USC.

Jose Marroquin

Recently, I completed a year at the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, and I am excited to keep learning more about the greater LUC community. I will be entering my 9th year within the higher education field and I have been involved in leadership positions within variety of higher education national organizations (American College Personnel Association, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, and the Association of Fraternity Advisor). I am running to be on Staff Council to be of service to the greater LUC community and continue to provide a diverse voice/perspective. I hope to properly represent the needs of all staff members at LUC. Thank you.

Amanda Martinez

Greetings all! My name is Amanda Martinez Zielinski and I am Academic Advisor in First and Second Year Advising.  I have worked at Loyola for the past 7+ years and during that time, I have been inspired by and learned from many of the wonderful people who work in the various departments around our multiple campuses.  I have also experienced the wonderful work that the Staff Council has completed over the years and I feel that it is time that I also offer my skills and experiences in event development/planning and community building to give back to the community of peers that I have benefited so much from.

Clair McDonald

I was so honored to be nominated to serve on Staff Council. In my over six years as an Assistant Director of Residence Life, I have consistently been impressed with the expertise, professionalism and service demonstrated by each of my colleagues. Every day, I see fellow staff members going above and beyond in their service to the University. As Loyola staff members work harder than ever to provide that same high level of service to each student and our fellow colleagues, I want to make sure each staff member feels valued. I hope that by serving on Staff Council I can shine a light on the remarkable efforts of this team.

Adam McNeil

By joining staff council, my goal is to assist the growth of my fellow LUC staff members. I plan on using my position as a Staff Council member to elevate the voices of our fellow LUC colleagues and push our community to be a more equitable and accessible place for all. I look forward to participating in discussions focused on Loyola's working environment, listening to others' feedback, and using that knowledge to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of our community. 

Jacob Schoofs

My name is Jacob Schoofs and I am interested in serving on Staff Council in order to help represent the voice and experiences of staff from all departments and campuses. During my almost four years at Loyola, serving as a Study Abroad Coordinator, I have been privileged to work alongside great colleagues and it would be an honor to represent them and their interests to University Leadership. As we all navigate the current times, finding new, interactive and exciting ways for staff to engage with colleagues is important for our community. I enjoy collaborating with my fellow Ramblers on group events, committees, and projects, a passion that I would bring to the work of staff council. In my previous positions before coming to Loyola, I was involved in staff engagement and representation committees and look forward to bringing that experience to the council.