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2017–2018 First-Year Text

Welcome to the University! Each year, Loyola's first-year students read the same book over the summer. This gives the incoming class a common experience and an example of the values and mission that we hold dear here at Loyola. Students are invited to reflect on the book and submit an essay for the First-Year Essay Contest. In many first-year writing classes, students will have an opportunity to discuss and write about this year's First-Year Text:

Showdown by Wil Haygood

"In Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed America, Wil Haygood rekindles this historic battle as he explores the effect of Marshall's ascendancy to the court."
— Los Angeles Times
“The choice of Thurgood Marshall was an event that changed the history of America and this book proves that the changes were all positive.”
President Jimmy Carter

Wil Haygood has received numerous awards, including the Sunday Magazine Editors Award, the New England Associated Press Award, and the National Association of Black Journalists Award for Foreign Reporting.

Showdown Book Cover

For more information or questions about your First-Year Text, please contact the Office of Student Transitions and Outreach at 773.508.7381 or firstyearexperience@luc.edu.