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Status Reports

Status Reports

Numerous Project Proposals have been received for projects aligned to each of the Priorities, Strategies and Tactics of Plan 2020 since this process was launched in academic year 2015-16. In order to monitor progress of each of these we have used a Plan 2020 Scorecard system. The 2017 Plan 2020 Scorecard depicts our progress towards the end of 2017. The 2019 Plan 2020 Scorecard is shown below.

Click the hyperlinked checkmarks for selected examples of how each component of Plan 2020 is realized in our programmatic offerings.

Institutional Priority I: Student Access and Success

Launched & MaturingImplementation LowIncremental
1. Recruit & retain underserved students 1.A Associates Degree Program       
1.B Diversity strategy for Enrollment Management       
1.C $80M Scholarship Campaign      ✔  ✔ 
Major Initiative: Arrupe College     
2. Program for Student Success 2.A Enhanced academic and student life programs     
2.B Innovative core; engaged curricular programs       
2.C Office of Institutional Effectiveness       
2.D. Recruit and Develop Diverse Faculty       
Major Initiative: Improve student retention & graduation rates by 3% over 5 years       

Institutional Priority II: Faculty Development

Launched & MaturingImplementation LowIncremental
3. Recruit, retain
& develop faculty for social justice
3.A Recruit more faculty committed to mission        
3.B Design and implement ongoing faculty professional development program      
3.C Invite speakers who further engage with social justice issues by discipline      
Major Initiative: Faculty Development for Advancing the Jesuit Humanistic Tradition    ✔     

Institutional Priority III: Programs for Societal Needs

Launched & MaturingImplementation LowIncremental
4. Collaborate to reduce health disparities 4.A Transdisciplinary innovations in research and solutions for health problems/disparities     ✔ 
4.B Promote collaborative inquiry, research and experiential learning for heath disparities     ✔ 
4.C Create a $75M endowment to support research and service in health disparities*        
Major Initiative: Health Disparities Research and Programming     
5. Advance STEM & Sustainability 5.A Implement new programs in IES      ✔ 
5.B Launch & grow Engineering Science program     ✔ 
5.C Promote learning, research & service in STEM fields      ✔ 
5.D Advance innovations in technology-focused student learning      
Major Initiative: Launch Institute for Engineering Science      
6. Address injustice & violence 6.A Develop new Centers of Excellence to improve criminal & juvenile justice system     ✔ 
6.B Engage faculty & staff in solutions for societal problems related to poverty, race, & violence      ✔ 
6.C Become among the safest urban campuses       ✔ 
Major Initiative: Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice   ✔   

* This tactic was discontinued

Institutional Priority IV: Global and Local Partnerships

Launched & MaturingImplementation LowIncremental
7.Develop Community Outreach Programs 7.A Engage partners to enrich quality of life in neighborhoods surrounding each of our campuses       
7.B Implement community-based health programs serving Rogers Park/Edgewater    

7.C Deepen partnerships with PK012 schools in Rogers Park/Edgewater

Major Initiative: Loyola-Rogers Park-Edgewater Partnerships   ✔     
8. Expand Global Engagement 8.A Recruit diverse international faculty     ✔   
8.B Establish fund to encourage research and learning in global setting      ✔   
8.C Enhance opportunities for student learning about complex global issues and justice        
Major Initiative: Global Partners to Promote Justice     ✔  ✔ 

As the process of carrying out Loyola's Plan 2020 plays out, the following reports will provide information on our progress.

As we enter Year Two of Loyola’s strategic plan, Plan 2020: “Building a More Just, Humane and Sustainable World”, our commitment to the plan is evident in everything from investment in plan projects to stories in our various communication channels to being the theme of our November 4th, 2016 Presidential Inauguration for Dr. Jo Ann Rooney, Loyola’s 24th President. 

To date, hundreds of stakeholders across the University have participated in the creation and advancement of Plan 2020. Over the last year, Implementation Committees for each of the four Institutional Priorities are in place, projects supporting Plan 2020 Institutional Priorities are being proposed, and in some cases, approved. The next phase will focus on the specific projects defined in the strategies and tactics in Plan 2020.

The current proposal process sunsets on December 31, 2016. Starting January 1, 2017, new proposals, supported by leadership of schools and divisions, will address specific initiatives and outcomes of the plan. 

‌This status report marks the completion of Year One of Plan 2020. Initial review and assessment discussions occurred at the President’s Leadership Retreat in August on what worked well in Year One of Plan 2020 and where we may want to increase our focus or make adjustments to the plan.

In Year One, in addition to previously approved funding for expenses of strategic initiatives, over 15 smaller projects were approved and provided seed funding by the Implementation and Steering Committee. Several other initiatives were launched as key elements of Plan 2020 as well.

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