Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Priority 3 Implementation Committee

Institutional Priority 3

Implementation Committee

Promote Multidisciplinary Collaboration to Address Societal Challenges

Charge: Action specific plans and projects that promote transdisciplinary collaboration for solutions to community health disparities, advance interdisciplinary education that promotes environmental sustainability and enhances the quality of education in STEM fields, and implement multidisciplinary programs to address injustice and violence. This strategy team will monitor progress of health disparities research and programming, launch an Institute for Engineering Sciences and a Center for Criminal Justice, Research, Policy, and Practice.

Linda Brazdill – Co-Chair
Director, Center for Science and Math Ed

Margaret Callahan – Co-Chair
Provost, Health Sciences Division

Gail Baura
Director of Engineering Sciences

Terry Light
Interim Dean & Chief Diversity Officer – SSOM

Diane Geraghty
Director of Civitas Child Law Center

Vicki Keough
Dean – School of Nursing

Jacqueline Long
Associate Dean - Academic Affairs

Tom Murray
Director of Campus Safety

David Shoham
Associate Professor – Public Health Sciences

Nancy Tuchman
Director – Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Dan Vonder Heide
Director – Infrastructure Services

Samuel Schurkamp