Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

4: Engage Local and Global Societal Challenges through Partnerships

‌Institutional priority 4

Engage Local and Global Societal Challenges through Partnerships

Integrate knowledge gained through direct engagement with our local and global neighbors with the resources of our extensive Jesuit network of institutions

Loyola maintains a commitment to engage societal problems locally and globally and to serve as an important source of knowledge and transformation. It provides faculty, staff, and students another means of encountering, walking with, and learning from people who live in different social and cultural realities. When properly structured to include quality accompaniment and opportunities for substantive intellectual and personal reflection, such experiences can transform perspectives and change lives. In doing so, we will expand educational opportunities for our students; expand the transdisciplinary network of research partners for faculty working on complex societal questions; facilitate the Jesuit mission of bringing diverse perspectives together for dialogue; and make the resources of Loyola available for the benefit of those in need. This will be done in classrooms as well as through encounters across Chicago and the world.

Key Administrators

  • Provost
  • Provost, Health Sciences
  • Senior vice president, Capital Planning

Responsible Staff

  • Vice provost, Global Initiatives
  • Vice president, Student Development
  • Director, Community Relations
  • Deans and directors

Advisory Bodies

  • Board of Trustees
  • Community Partnership Board
  • Global Initiatives Council

Estimated Net Investment over 5 years $2 million

Priority 4 - Strategy 7

Develop and implement a Loyola/Rogers Park/Edgewater community outreach partnership program

Tactic 7.a: The vice president for Capital Development and the director of Community Relations will engage select campus and community partners to enrich the quality of life for the residents and Catholic parishes of neighborhoods surrounding each of our campuses (by January 2017).

Tactic 7.b: The schools of Education, Nursing, and Social Work will begin to implement community-based health programs to serve Rogers Park and Edgewater (by fall 2016).

Tactic 7.c: The dean of the School of Education will expand and deepen the partnerships with PK–12 schools in Rogers Park and Edgewater (by fall 2017).

Major Initiative

Loyola-Rogers Park-Edgewater partnerships

Develop a national community partnership model that enhances quality of life for its citizens through thoughtful economic and social programs. Such efforts will embrace and sustain the cultural and economic diversity of its residents. Loyola will seek opportunities to partner with the community in the areas of cultural enrichment, economic development, education, environmental sustainability, faith, and health. The engagement of students and faculty will be an integral part of our efforts to improve the quality of life for all.

Estimated Financial Investments over 5 years:

  • $1.25 million

Priority 4 - Strategy 8

Expand global engagement opportunities leveraging the expertise and research of our faculty

Tactic 8.a: The chief academic officers will recruit a diverse international faculty and those with significant expertise in global issues, representing 15 percent of our faculty (by FY2020).

Tactic 8.b: The chief academic officers will establish a fund to encourage faculty research and engaged learning with students in global settings (by fall 2016).

Tactic 8.c: The vice provost for Global Initiatives will leverage Loyola's existing global footprint and the Jesuit's worldwide network to enhance opportunities for student learning about complex global issues and justice (by fall 2017).

Major Initiative

Global partners to promote justice

Motivated by the desire to deepen the global competencies of its students, Loyola will assume leadership for integrating the global network of Jesuit universities into a more cohesive agent for education and transformation. To that end, we will enhance our current centers of learning in Rome, Beijing, and Ho Chi Minh City to promote additional faculty and student engagement in global social issues. We will create new partnerships for learning and research with Jesuit universities within and outside the US. The new partnerships will enable Loyola faculty and students to become collaborators with local educators and leaders to address relevant issues of justice in international settings.

Estimated Investment over 5 years:

  • $750,000