Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Strategy 2

Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff who are committed to the principles of Jesuit education; who are excellent in teaching, mentoring, research, and service; and who are increasingly international in background and interest. 

Estimated Cost of Strategy 2
$380,000 to annual budget
$24,000,000 to endowment


Target cluster hires of faculty in the areas of strategic importance.

Actions and Directions

  • Each college and school will emphasize in its strategic plan hiring for interdisciplinary collaborations and the schools’ and University’s strategic directions with 30 percent of its open and new positions allocated to these goals.
  • Cluster hires and Centers of Excellence will be anchored with endowed chair positions.
  • Cluster and interdisciplinary faculty hires will be used to bring more international faculty to the University.


Review and revise our tenure and promotion standards to match the performance expectations of this plan.

Actions and Directions

  • During AY2010, each college and school will complete a review and clarify the designation of “research-active” faculty status, and, where necessary, implement changes in faculty teaching loads.
  • Each college and school will conduct a review of all University promotion and tenure standards beginning in fall 2009 with the goal of aligning tenure and promotion standards with competitor and aspirational institutions. This will be completed in two years.


Increase the numbers of endowed chairs and professorships by 50 percent, with emphasis on building scholarly strength in the areas of strategic emphasis. (Estimated cost: $20,000,000 to endowment)

Actions and Directions

  • Each college and school will inventory its existing endowed faculty positions with respect to their relationship to University strategic goals in fall 2009.
  • Each college and school’s strategic plan will address the alignment of faculty research interests with the development of new chairs and professorships and its faculty development program.
  • Each college and school will develop a funding plan that will allow for the establishment of additional endowed faculty positions each year beginning in 2011.


Strategically leverage the faculty development, leave, summer stipend, and immersion programs to improve faculty research, teaching, global awareness, and appreciation of our Jesuit heritage.

Actions and Directions

  • Working with the colleges and schools, the Provost’s Office will expand the level of school-based summer stipends, with a target of 20 percent of faculty per year by 2015. (Estimated cost: $375,000 to annual budget)
  • Projects related to University strategic goals will be given priority in these University-school summer support programs.
  • The University will double the dedicated endowment supporting the faculty leave program by 2012 and continue to build the endowment until it reaches a goal of supporting 10 percent of faculty on leave per year. (Estimated cost: $4,000,000 to endowment)
  • The University will continue the faculty immersion programs to expand the global awareness and interests of faculty.


Strengthen and expand resources that enable faculty and staff to deepen their understanding of the principles of Jesuit education as articulated in the document on transformational education and enable them to apply those principles to their work and classroom pedagogy.

Actions and Directions

  • A presentation of Ignatian principles and the “Transformative Education” document will be provided to all new faculty and staff.
  • Resources, such as the Joan and Bill Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage, Mission and Ministry, and the Jesuit Community, will assist in the orientation process for all faculty and staff.


Engage, serve, and learn from the rich and diverse resources of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Actions and Directions

  • Compile a comprehensive listing of all community engagement activities on all LUC campuses by spring 2010.
  • Establish baselines and numerical targets for community engagement on all campuses by 2011.
  • Double the number of community-based experiential learning opportunities for students responding to community needs by 2012.
  • Increase by 20 percent per year the involvement of LUC alumni in our academic and co-curricular programs.
  • Establish a recognition program that publicizes and acknowledges community involvement by faculty, staff, students, and alumni. (Estimated cost: $15,000 to annual budget)