Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Strategy 5

Create University environments on each campus that support our transformational educational objectives, including spaces that promote academic, social, and recreational interactions and activity. 

Estimated Cost of Strategy 5
$600,000 to annual budget
$221,000,000 in new capital expenditures


Develop and construct multi-phased student athletics/recreational and student activities facilities on the Lake Shore Campus.

Actions and Directions

  • Build an annex to the Gentile Center that will provide sufficient men’s and women’s basketball locker rooms and facilities, training facilities, and offices for intercollegiate sports and athletic administration. (Estimated cost: $25,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Design and build a building on the site of the present alumni gym that will support campus dining, student activities space, and a volleyball practice and competition facility. (Estimated cost: $25,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Expand Halas Center to support additional Division of Student Affairs programming, including the Wellness Center. (Estimated cost: $22,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Renovate Centennial Forum to provide a major dining/ banquet facility, additional student activities space, and new retail frontage along Sheridan Road. (Estimated cost: $16,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Reconfigure the existing Gentile Center basketball arena to support maximum fixed-back seating, additional restroom facilities, and other arena amenities. (Estimated cost: $8,500,000 in capital expenditures)


Improve academic classroom space at the Lake Shore Campus to support changing pedagogy.

Actions and Directions

  • Relocate all academic programming and classrooms from Damen Hall and demolish the building by summer 2010. (Estimated cost: $17,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Replace Damen Hall with an architecturally appropriate academic building to include new state-of-the-art classrooms and academic offices for at least one major department in the College of Arts and Sciences. (Estimated cost: $32,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Through the completion of the Mundelein Center project, support a vibrant program in the fine and performing arts that takes advantage of our community partners and the unique spaces within the Mundelein Center. (Estimated cost: $24,000,000 in capital expenditures)


Develop new academic spaces (in addition to new law and business school facilities) at the Water Tower Campus to support programming for undergraduate and professional education.

Actions and Directions

  • Complete the Chicago Avenue building to provide state-of-the-art learning spaces for undergraduate and professional programs. (Estimated cost: $12,500,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Develop an Information Commons for the Water Tower Campus in new or renovated space. (Estimated cost: $4,000,000 in capital expenditures)


Develop the academic and social landscape of the Medical Center Campus to support expanded and enhanced research and teaching in the health sciences.

Actions and Directions

  • Construct a new School of Nursing building at the campus with special attention to shared spaces with the Stritch School of Medicine to encourage common and collaborative academic experiences between medical and nursing students. (Estimated cost: $35,000,000 in capital expenditures)
  • Begin the physical and financial planning for a new research building at the campus to encourage University wide science collaboration.


Construct LEED-certified buildings for all new construction and, where possible, for all major renovation projects, while creating sufficient student common spaces in all new construction projects.

Actions and Directions

  • Examine and construct new buildings with a minimum level of Silver LEED certification while exploring unique energy options that bring projects to the Net Zero level of building.
  • Modify our design requirements and specifications to reflect the importance of informal gathering spaces and commit to a minimum of 5,000 square feet of such spaces in all new and renovated buildings.


Establish and enhance four international campuses that will promote study abroad, increase the number of international students within the Loyola community, expand opportunities for faculty study and research collaborations, and offer complete academic programs abroad.

Actions and Directions

  • Secure our future in Rome by the purchase of the John Felice Rome Center Campus and renovate the facilities to create a state-of-the art academic and social living environment.
  • Leverage the University’s relationship with The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies to expand opportunities for China study to faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students.
  • Create a Loyola Vietnam Center that is engaged with Vietnamese partners in undergraduate education, professional programs, and health care initiatives. (Estimated cost: $300,000 to annual budget)
  • Expand partnerships or create a center somewhere in Latin America by 2015. (Estimated cost: $300,000 to annual budget)