Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Strategy 6

Enhance and foster meaningful joint activities in teaching, research, and service that link the Medical Center and the lakeside campuses. 

Estimated Cost of Strategy 6
$100,000 to annual budget


Develop appropriate organizational and administrative structures that will break down existing structural, procedural, and cultural barriers to collaboration.

Actions and Directions

  • Beginning in 2009, convene quarterly meetings of a cross-campus coordinating board consisting of the University president, the two chief academic officers, and the deans of each of LUC’s schools and colleges.
  • Create a position of vice president for research with responsibilities on both the lakeside and LUMC campuses.
  • Establish an Institute of Public Health that includes faculty with appointments at both the lakeside and Maywood campuses as a possible precursor to a School of Public Health. (Use Institutional Patent Receipts to fund)
  • Establish a multi-campus initiative fund, to be administered by the president and two chief academic officers, to foster meaningful joint activities that link the various campuses. (Use Institutional Patent Receipts to fund)


Establish or enhance ongoing research collaborations involving faculty from SSO M, the Niehoff School of Nursing, and lakeside academic units in at least seven areas, including public health, gerontology, genomics, Catholic health care, and bioethics.

Actions and Directions

  • Identify groupings of faculty across campuses with research competencies that overlap.
  • Foster the development of multi-campus research communities, utilizing activities like newsletters, reading groups, and listserv groups. (Estimated cost: $50,000 to annual budget)
  • Develop coordinated cluster hiring plans across campuses for targeted areas beginning in fall 2010.
  • Organize at least one research meeting per semester in a targeted area that brings together faculty from multiple campuses along with researchers from outside the University. (Estimated cost: $50,000 to annual budget)


Establish or enhance at least seven interdisciplinary academic programs offered jointly by faculty at the lakeside and Medical Center campuses to meet the growing demands of emerging fields, including public health, genomics, health policy, and health informatics.

Actions and Directions

  • The cross-campus coordinating board will prepare an analysis of current academic programs and faculty competencies that identifies areas of overlap and potential synergy across campuses during the 2009–10 academic year.
  • The cross-campus coordinating board will prepare an analysis of emerging employment need-based academic programs, for program development purposes, during the 2009–10 academic year.
  • The two chief academic officers will create memoranda of understanding that outline steps and timetables for feasibility and needs assessment, program development, and program implementation for each targeted program.