Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President



Guided by the vision of our mission, the Task Force recommendations articulate the University's plan to position ourselves for the future and achieve success with the three primary goals of the University's strategic plan, "Our Commitment to Excellence: Loyola's Plan 2009-2015":

Goal 1: Deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in Chicago, characterized by a transformative educational experience in the Jesuit tradition.

Goal 2: Deliver a high-quality professional education that is characterized by innovation, excellence, ethics, service, and leadership, strategically leveraging health care, law, and business as nationally ranked lead programs.

Goal 3: Create an institutional culture devoted to public service and research, particularly in the areas of the life sciences and health care, ethics and social justice, and children and families, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Task Force recommendations expand beyond these three current goals to further differentiate the University through deepening our commitment to the following areas that will distinguish Loyola as a leader in the world of higher education in:

  1. The premier undergraduate experience;
  2. Catholic health care leadership formation;
  3. Internationalization;
  4. Urban environmental sustainability.

The Task Force recommendations provide modifications to our enrollment strategies that will allow us to attract and support a diverse enrollment mix of undergraduate and graduate students who embrace the value that "A Transformative Education in the Jesuit Tradition" promises for their futures. Strategic adjustments to our desired enrollment mix, well-managed affordable tuition increases, and growth in endowment funded scholarships are components of the plan to achieve enrollment goals while strengthening our commitment to diversity, accessibility, and affordability. Expansion in adult, on-line and international markets will help grow University enrollment from 16,000 to our capacity of 18,500 within our current campus environments.

The Task Force recommendations support methods for measuring progress and managing resources to sustain our focus and support our investment in areas of critical importance to advance our future as we work to create a Catholic and Jesuit university worthy of the great traditions that guide and sustain us.