Loyola University Chicago

Division of Student Development

Staff: Tivo

Title: Therapist & Loyola Celebrity, Wellness Center    
Started LUC: 2010

My mother, may she rest in peace. Then I lived with a family but don’t remember their names. I’m a dog, so I have a tendency to forget stuff like that. Most recently, the Holden household.

I like to be with students because they pet me and love me, and I like it when they throw the ball with me. I think they like me because I’m a  great listener (and I don’t say anything to them). If a student is sad or missing their dog at home, I try to make them feel better.

Here at the Wellness Center, we work on helping people be their best selves. I like to think I do my part.

All the awesome treats and belly rubs I get from the staff at the Wellness Center, and when I get to play ball. And the students of course!

When I walk through campus everyone knows my name. I’m pretty popular. I think students love me and I love them right back.

I give everyone the chance to pet me. As a dog still learning about social justice, I am trying to be better about having other dogs be a part of our campus. Like all of us, it is an evolving process. I was lucky enough to attend Tops Canine Training to become certified as a therapy dog. We must continue to work to make sure other dogs have the same opportunity.

Fr. Daffron rocks! He takes such good care of me, and has taught me to be a dog for others. Once, I stole a pork medallion from the table and he didn’t get too mad at me.

There are many spots that I like on campus (most of them are grassy). However, my favorite place is the fountain in front of the IC. I love laying in it after a good game of catch!

Once I was invited to be in a video with Sr. Jean. I sat in a chair next to her and she pet me. Once I tried to ride the shuttle to visit my friends at Water Tower campus. I got a little nervous (there are SO many people on the shuttle!) and the bus driver had to let me out in the middle of the street.

Take time for treats and give yourself as many treats as you can. Midday naps are awesome! Try to make a few new friends. There are many nice people at the Wellness Center; don’t be afraid to stop by!