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Division of Student Development

Health & Safety

Healthy. Safe. Supported. Take a meditation workshop. Learn about nutrition. Use the Wellness Center. Improve your fitness. Find out about Campus Safety. Learn about alcohol or attend an Alcoholics-Anonymous (AA) meeting. Practice good self-care.

Advocating for Your Wellness

Sponsoring Department: Wellness Center

The Wellness Advocates are a team of volunteer, peer health educators dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being. The Wellness Advocates currently address issues of alcohol, tobacco, sexual health, stress management, emotional wellness, and nutrition.

Bias Reporting

If you feel as if you have been a victim of an incident of bias, you are encouraged to report the incident to the Bias Reporting (BR) Team. It is unacceptable and a violation of university policy to harass, discriminate against or abuse any person because of his or her race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Campus Safety

Sponsoring Department in another Division: Campus Safety

Loyola University Department of Campus Safety is to promote and maintain a safe and secure environment in which the University's educational mission can be successful. This department contributes to the University's mission through non-intrusive safety procedures that promote the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and recreational aspects of students' lives. The Department's crime prevention and security programs nurture the personal growth of the students outside the classroom.

Choice. Control. Character. (Alcohol)

Sponsoring Department: Wellness Center

Your experiences at Loyola—personal interactions, opportunities and the overall environment—create new and exciting choices. Alcohol is a significant issue for many students, and they regularly face choices about it, sometimes difficult ones. Loyola's "Choice. Control. Character." initiative is intended to support you in making safe and healthy decisions about alcohol that will help you maintain control and build character.

Emergency Response Program (ERP)

The Emergency Response Plan is designed to be a basic guide for providing a response system to any emergency situation on University owned property that could cause death, serious injury, disrupt operations, or cause physical or environmental damage.

Fitness (Halas Sports Center)

Sponsoring Department: Campus Recreation

The Fitness/Wellness program at Halas Sports Center strives to provide a diverse selection of quality recreational activities for individuals to pursue fitness, wellness, and leisure opportunities which enhance their personal development and establish habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health

Sponsoring Department: Wellness Center

According to the National Institute for Health (NIH), 20% of adult U.S. Americans will need mental health treatment during their lifetime - many more will have ongoing mental health issues that prevent them from enjoying their lives. Don't suffer in silence. Loyola provides a number of resources for your optimum mental wellness.

Wellness Center

Sponsoring Department: Wellness Center

The college years are a time of transition and change. It can be challenging to seek health care on your own for the first time and not from your "regular" health care provider. Our Wellness Center staff members are experts in the health-related goals, needs, and problems of college students. We can provide you with the knowledge and skills to get healthy, stay healthy and to learn about making positive choices that will last you a lifetime.