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Activity Request

Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) are required to submit an Activity Request for any and all events that are open to the Loyola University Chicago community. This is how RSO's publish their meetings and major events to both the LUCommunity and University calendars. Activity Requests are required regardless of the RSO's funding source for the particular occasion. 

  • Activity Requests are due no later than 14 days prior to the activity date.

    • Activity Request can be denied up to 48 hours prior to an event. Please monitor your submissions. 

  • Activity Requests should be created for all events that your organization is hosting, including open general body meetings, tabling events, small/large scale programming, online fundraising timelines, online events, etc.

  • If you have questions about activity requests please email: activities@luc.edu or can@luc.edu

The instruction for submitting the Activity Request Form can be found on CAN's LUCommunity Portal under "Documents" here

Changing/Editing the Activity Request Form

After you have submitted your Activity Request Form and/or after a decision has been made for your request, you can still make changes to the Activity Request. 

To make changes, you can:

  • Use the switchboard to navigate to the Manage tab and open your organization. Open your organization tools and choose "Events." Open the event of interest by clicking its name and then choose "Change Details." This will initiate a change request for the event. With organization officer permissions, any changes made will need to be approved by your administrators before they appear.

  • Email CAN to deny the original form and resubmit another one.

On the left taskbar, you can find more detailed information about needed information for a completed form and other situational forms.

Click here for the ARF Guide created by Campus Activities Network (CAN).