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A Sponsored Student Organization working in the Wellness Center, the Wellness Advocates (WA) are here to help you develop a long-term healthy lifestyle.‌ This year's president, Sundal Hashwani, took some time to answer a few questions about the organization.

The Wellness Advocates are a group of certified peer health educators dedicated helping students improve their health and well-being. We raise awareness prominent health-related issues facing college students today including responsible drinking, sexual health, nutrition, and stress management. Through creative and interactive education programs, advocacy, and leadership, we strive to show students how they can improve their lifestyle choices. We work to establish an atmosphere where students can discuss a healthy campus culture and encourage individual responsibility for personal and community wellness.

In past years we have centered many of our tabling events and resident hall programs on sexual health and responsible drinking. While we will continue to educate our peers about these topics, we hope to increase the Nutrition aspect of our programs this coming school year. We are excited about the possibility of partnering with Aramark in order to educate students about how they can make healthy choices in the dining halls on campus.

You may not realize this based on our name, but we are a group of peers! We are in your classes, studying with you in the IC, and attending social events. Therefore, we have firsthand knowledge of the wellness and health concerns facing Loyola students. This past year, we had over 50 students come to our Sleep Workshop where students learned about healthy sleep habits. Also, you can find us tabling at Damen Student Center about sexual health!

You should join our organization if you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, and educating your peers about how to the same! Joining the Wellness Advocates is a great way to get involved on campus, because we spend a lot time programming in residence halls and Damen Student Center. For example, last October we organized a Reverse Trick-or-Treat in Damen where we handed out candy with a fact about alcohol attached. As the coming year approaches, the Wellness Advocates are committed to promoting outreach in Rogers Park in order to broaden our horizons and further the spread of health education.

Anyone looking to get involved should follow us on Twitter and Facebook!