Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad

Paula De Voto

Title: Coordinator, John Felice Rome Center

M.A. Loyola University Chicago
B.A. Barry College

Worked abroad in: Italy

Paula has been with the Rome Center for more than twenty years, coming into her position in December 1996 when the Rome Center was a sub-division of Loyola’s College of Arts and Sciences.  The Office for International Programs was established at Loyola the following year, and the Rome Center moved from CAS into OIP in the summer of 1998.  As coordinator for what is now named, in honor of its founding director, the John Felice Rome Center, Paula oversees all administrative aspects for the campus on this side of the Atlantic and provides stateside support for the staff and administration in Italy.  Prior to serving as coordinator for the JFRC, she worked as an academic advisor and admissions recruiter for many years.

Paula lived in Rome for three years, the first time as a graduate teaching assistant at the Loyola University Rome Center (LURC) when the campus was located in the Via Trionfale, and the second time for a two-year period with her husband, Jim, and daughter, Pamela, when Jim was assigned to teach at LURC at its present location on the Via Massimi.

Where she's been:Italy, Greece, Crete, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, India, Bangladesh, and Bahrain.

Fondest memory of studying abroad?

One of Paula’s favorite memories, albeit embarrassing, was when she and her daughter were sitting down for lunch in their top-floor apartment in the Piazza Gentile da Fabriano overlooking the Tiber and the Foro Italico, and she asked her daughter to stop shaking the table.  When Pamela replied, “but, Mom, I’m not shaking the table,” Paula looked up and realized the wall had cracked!  Turning on the news, she discovered that there had been an earthquake in the Apennines and the tremors reverberated all the way to Rome!  She did apologize to her daughter!!