Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad

Mary Bennett

University Relations Coordinator, Vientam Center

M.Ed. International Higher Education, Loyola University Chicago
B.A. History and B.S.Ed. Secondary Education, Loyola University Chicago
Semester Study Abroad, Loyola John Felice Rome Center (Italy)

Mary joined Loyola’s Office for International Programs in February 2018 as a University Relations Coordinator after having served 5 years in the university’s Undergraduate Admission Office as an admission counselor. In her current role, she recruits and supports students that are interested in attending our John Felice Rome Center or Vietnam Center. In addition to her semester at the John Felice Rome Center, Mary completed a graduate-level faculty-led study abroad program at Loyola's Vietnam Center. When Mary is not busy traveling for work, she loves exploring Chicago’s hidden gems and planning her next international adventure! 

Contact Mary if you are

  • a Loyola or visiting student who has been accepted to the Loyola Vietnam Center, 
  • a non-Loyola student interested in learning more about the Vietnam Center, or
  • a university representative interested in sending your students to the Vietnam Center.