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Study Abroad

Steps to Studying Abroad

Thinking about studying abroad?  Want to find out about the possibilities for you? Need some help sorting through the options and things to consider? 

Take these easy steps to start the journey of a lifetime!

Know the basics of the study abroad process here at Loyola. Learn more about the program options, financial aid, scholarships, academics, and identifying the best choices for you! Led by study abroad alumni, these session are the perfect way to start the process. 

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Here at Loyola there are a wide variety of programs. You might find yourself on an American-style campus taking courses in English or living with a host family while taking classes at a local university. When looking into programs, be sure to consider...

  • Am I eligible for this program?
  • Will I stay on track for graduation? 
  • Can I afford it?

Meet with a Peer Ambassador who can help you find the best program for you.  Our peer ambassadors are a wealth of knowledge and can speak to their own experiences!

Who's my study abroad advisor? 

If you want to study abroad in...

...your study abroad advisor is:

Africa (Sub-Saharan) Libby Thornton
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands Jacob Schoofs
Asia (East, Southeast, and South) Jacob Schoofs
Europe (except France, Italy, and Spain) Jacob Schoofs
France (and Quebec, Canada) Libby Thornton
Italy Libby Thornton
Latin America and the Caribbean Libby Thornton
Middle East and North Africa Libby Thornton
Ricci Scholars (Rome + Ho Chi Minh City) Jacob Schoofs
Spain Libby Thornton

How can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at 30 minute intervals. Please note that due to demand, same-day appointments usually aren't available. Morning appointments may be offered, depending on advisor availability.  

Schedule an appointment with a your study abroad advisor by calling our office.

Once you've chosen your top program, start your LUC Study Abroad application!

Note that after your complete your LUC Study Abroad application and earn approval to study abroad, many students also need to complete an application with the host campus abroad.  Your advisor will point you to the host campus paperwork after you've been approved by Loyola.