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Application Information for Visiting Students

Visiting Student Application

The Vietnam Center welcomes applications from qualified students enrolled in an accredited baccalaureate-granting college or university in the United States. Participating students from schools other than Loyola University Chicago are admitted to the Vietnam Center as "visiting" students.  Visiting students should check with their home institution's study abroad office prior to submitting the Vietnam Center online application as many institutions have their own policies and procedures in place for studying abroad. 

Application Process

 In order to apply, students must: 

  • Complete the online Program Application: All applications for the Vietnam Center must be submitted online. Instructions are given at the beginning of the online application form. Students should also alert their study abroad advisor/coordinator at their home institution that they are applying for the program. 

  • Upload a copy of their passport: Students should upload a scanned copy of the basic information page of their valid passport.  A "valid" passport is one with an expiration date that is at least six months after the end date of one’s international travel.  Students are responsible for ensuring that their current passport is "valid." If they need to renew their passport or apply for a new passport, they may upload a copy of the passport renewal or application receipt in order to obtain an admission decision.  Once they have been accepted, they must still upload a copy of their renewed (or new) passport after they have received it. Failure to do so will effectively prevent access to enroll in Vietnam Center classes when registration opens. 

  • Submit a personal statement if their GPA falls below the minimum 2.75 GPA requirement:  Students must email their statement directly to studyabroad@luc.edu, indicating that they are submitting this personal statement as a supplement to their online application.

Following the submission of the online application: 

  • Study Abroad / Academic / Judicial Life Recommendation: Once students have submitted an online application, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the study abroad advisor/coordinator at the home institution requesting his / her recommendation. He or she will upload the recommendation to the student's online application via a unique link provided to the advisor. The study abroad advisor/coordinator will be asked to address students’ academic and behavioral readiness for study abroad, as well as their academic and conduct history at their home institution. 

  • Official Transcript: Students should send transcripts from their home institution, and any other colleges or universities they attended previously, to Loyola University Chicago, The Vietnam Center, 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660. 

Note: Applications are not completed until both the recommendation form and the official transcript have been received, but they may be reviewed and a tentative decision issued prior to receipt of the transcript.  

Following the review of a completed application: 

  • Applications are reviewed once ready (i.e., the study abroad advisor/coordinator recommendation has been uploaded).  Notification of admission is sent to applicants via e-mail from Loyola University Chicago’s Office for International Programs (OIP).The student is responsible for ensuring that an official transcript is sent from the home institution to complete his or her application.

  • Admitted students should be prepared to submit their "Intent to Enroll." Should a student fail to submit the intent to enroll (s)he will forfeit his or her spot in the program.