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Insurance for Study Abroad

All LUC students abroad at any location, and visiting students studying at the LUC Vietnam Center and/or LUC John Felice Rome Center, must be covered by official institutional study abroad insurance for the duration of their study abroad program, per the LUC travel policy.  This page provides information about LUC's study abroad insurance, which is provided by Cultural Insurance and Services International (CISI).

The insurance covers possible situations applicable to study abroad that are rarely covered by standard U.S.-based health insurance, such as emergency medical, environmental disaster, or civil disturbance evacuation.  Click here for the CISI Brochure and view details on the insurance plan.

Prior to departure, the Office of International Programs will enroll you in the policy automatically.

You'll receive your study abroad insurance card and policy details in your LUC email at least one week prior to the start of your program.  Be on the lookout for a message from the email domain @culturalinsurance.com. If you require evidence of CISI insurance coverage prior to one week before your program for visa purposes, please email studyabroad@luc.edu.

The study abroad insurance costs $300 for a semester and $175 for the summer.  If you're studying abroad on a Loyola Global Center, exchange, or provider program, the charge will appear on your LUC Bursar account.  If you're studying abroad on a faculty-led program, the study abroad insurance cost is usually included in your faculty-led program fee.

Print out the insurance card and carry it with you at all times.  Also, save a copy of the insurance card file on your phone. 


Login to your myCISI portal, where you can access important insurance documents and emergency contact information as well as purchase optional trip interruption coverage.  For information on accessing and using the myCISI Participant Portal online once you're enrolled in the insurance policy, click here‌‌‌‌‌‌.

If you think that you might have alternate insurance coverage that provides at least the same coverages offered by the LUC study abroad insurance policy and is the official institutional insurance policy of your study abroad provider, you may request an insurance waiver.  If you're studying abroad for the fall or academic year, the deadline to request a waiver is April 1.  If you're studying abroad for January term, the calendar year, Spring semester, or Spring Break, the deadline to request a waiver is November 1.  If you're studying abroad for the summer, the deadline to request a waiver is April 1. 


To request a waiver, email the Associate Director for Study Abroad documentation showing how your program's official institutional insurance policy provides at least the same coverages offered by the LUC study abroad insurance policy.  Once you submit your waiver request, it typically takes approximately 10 business days to review, at which time you'll be notified of denial or acceptance of your waiver request. 


No waivers will be granted to students on an exchange program or LUC faculty-led program.  Those students must be covered by the LUC study abroad insurance policy.  For visiting students at the Loyola Vietnam Center and John Felice Rome Center, no waivers will be granted to students seeking to be covered by by a non-CISI insurance policy.  Visiting students at the LVC or JFRC may request a waiver only if their home university's official institutional insurance policy is also with CISI.  No student on any program will be granted a waiver for a policy purchased on an individual retail basis.

Notify your on-site program staff if possible so they can help assist you.  Call CISI to open a case.  If calling from overseas, the 24-hour number to use is 01-312-935-1703 (collect calls accepted). Calls from the U.S. should go to the 24-hour number at 855-327-1411.


Remember that your ID number is the Loyola policy number GLM N04849590 and anyone can open a case for you, including parents, other family, or friends.  Make sure to present your CISI ID card at any medical facility that you go to so they know that you have the plan.  CISI Claim Form here explains how you can submit a claim.


Contact the Office of International Programs  as soon as you are able, so we can help monitor your situation and assist.