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Pre-Study Abroad Academics

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Before studying abroad there are several items that you will want to look into related to your academics. 

Course Approvals

All study abroad students (except those attending a Loyola Center or faculty-led program) are required to get their courses approved before going abroad. Course approvals must be completed by the end of term prior to studying abroad. Please read the following guidelines about the course approval process:

  • It is recommended that you meet with your academic or major/minor advisor to go over your degree progress and talk about what types of courses to take while overseas. Study abroad courses are subject to department policies on limitations regarding the number of courses completed off-campus. These policies can vary by department. 
  • It’s also recommended to get more courses approve than you will actually take while abroad, in case your course schedule changes. 
  • Prior to using the online course approval form, make sure you have researched course offerings for your program and have located the necessary course syllabi. You must upload a course syllabus for each new course approval. If you have trouble finding this, please contact us at studyabroad@luc.edu for assistance
  • Please note: courses only need to be approved if you want them to count as something other than a general elective. All classes automatically count as general electives.

Ready to get started? Access the form here using one of the recommended browsers (Firefox or Internet Explorer):

Online Course Approval Form

Once you have received all of the necessary approvals, please download the PDF of your course approvals from the Online Course Approval Form and upload it to your Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist on your online application here

Additional Information about Course Approvals

Course approvals are not required for the following programs: Rome Center, Vietnam Center, or Faculty Led programs.


The Office of International Programs realizes that sometimes there can be changes to your original course selections while abroad. This may occur due to classes not being offered, timetable changes, and switching into courses that are more applicable to your studies. If your courses do change while abroad, you should try and obtain new approvals as soon as possible. This will help to make sure that if the courses cannot be approved as you hope you still have a chance to sign up for other ones. You should not plan on getting courses approved retroactively when back on campus once your program is over.

You can check out our database of pre-approved courses. The database contains courses that past study abroad students have gotten approved to count towards different degree requirements (i.e. major, minor, Core, Engaged Learning). The Office of International Programs will add newly approved courses to the database on a regular basis. If you don’t find the courses you’re looking for, you can also request new approvals using the online form. 

Need more information about the course-approval process or having trouble using the form?  Please check out our Course Approval Instructions for Students and the FAQ page.  


Still have questions?  Call or email us at 773.508.3899 or studyabroad@luc.edu.


Faculty and Staff: Please click here for further information about the online course approval system. 

Enrollment and Grades Abroad

No, you may not enroll in courses abroad that are similar to course that you have previously taken at Loyola and for which you have earned credit. If in doubt, consult an academic advisor. Courses abroad that you have taken at Loyola and for which you already have credit will be considered "unauthorized repeats: and will not not earn additional credit.

Grades earned on study abroad programs will be subject to each individual Loyola school or college's policies regarding minimum grades needed for a course to count toward your major, minor, core or other degree requirement. Contact the academic department in which your major and/or minor resides to inquire about their policies and speak with your academic advisor.


Some universities will use a different grading system than the U.S., you will need to do some research into the grading system of your host institution.  You can refer here for more information about some of our program offerings.

For academic semester or year study abroad programs, students must enroll for the equivalent of a full-time course load (minimum of 12 Loyola credit hours per semester) while abroad. Please refer to our credit transfer table for more information about some of our programs.


For summer programs, there is no minimum or maximum credit load required, unless otherwise specified in the materials provided by your program.


Please note that for many programs, "course schedules" are not part of the culture and not commonly available for student use. You should expect to officially choose and enroll in courses after arriving in your host country.

Taking a study abroad course for Pass/No Pass may be possible, however it's not common.  In order to do so, you must follow the procedures detailed in the LUC Undergraduate Studies Catalog section on "The Grading System" and properly submit a pass/no-pass request (see LOCUS > Online Forms and Help > Pass No-Pass Undergraduate Request) by the deadline set by LUC Registration and Records. If you have questions about, contact PassNoPass@luc.edu

All Loyola students attending Global Partner, Global Exchange and Petition programs will be enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS 300X) placeholder course during their time abroad carrying the following credit hours:


  • Semester and academic-year programs: 12 credit hours (if you need to be enrolled in 15 credits for financial aid purposes - please contact the Office of International Programs).
  • Summer programs will carry 6 credit hours.


The Office of International Programs will register you for the placeholder course at the end of the semester prior to your term abroad. You will notice that the INDS 300X course will appear in LOCUS for the duration of your program abroad.


Once the Office of International Programs receive the official transcript from your study abroad program, the placeholder course will be removed and the actual courses, grades and credit amounts will be entered by the Registration and Records office into LOCUS.
It is importance that you understand that the credit hours posted for the placeholder course are not necessarily a reflection of the number of credit hours that you will receive for your study abroad program.

You are responsible for taking final exams and submitting all assessments for your study abroad classes by the due dates determined by your instructors abroad.  Students wishing to request an early final exam date must make the request her/himself direcly to the instructor and host university/provider abroad.  The instructor and host university/provider's policies shall govern due date modification requests.  The LUC Office of International Programs does not encourage nor support student efforts to request special treatment for due dates of study abroad assessments.


Some host universities abroad permit retaking of exams. At some universities, "resitting" for an exam can be typical. Students should research and be aware of the academic structure of the program they have applied for, and prepare accordingly. Exchange students wishing to request an opportunity to retake an exam may do so by contacting the host university abroad. All retake requests must be made by the student her/himself directly to the host university abroad. The host university abroad's policies shall govern retake requests. If the host university abroad agrees to allow an exam retake, the student must arrange for a time, place, and proctor approved by the host university abroad or comply with the host institution's retake schedule and process. Note that universities may require that retakes occur on their own campus, not after the student has left the country.